XXL Nutrition - Europe's Fastest Growing Supplement and Clothing Brand Choose CipherLab RK95 as its Warehousing Solution

Warehousing Solution | CipherLab RK95 Industrial Mobile Computer in Supplement and Clothing Industry

XXL Nutrition - Europe's Fastest Growing Supplement and Clothing Brand Choose CipherLab RK95 as its Warehousing Solution
XXL Nutrition, based in the Netherlands, is a famous sports nutrition and clothing brand in Europe. They have a warehouse in the village of Deurne in the southern province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. They sell products mainly through e-commerce, and normally, end users will order their products via their online store directly. XXL Nutrition will then ship those products straight from their warehouse to their customers.

In the past, XXL Nutrition had a mix of devices that were not performing well. In fact, these devices had a lot of technical issues. Usually, repairs for these old devices took weeks to months, which affected and slowed down the warehouse operation, when speed is the top priority in e-commerce. To solve this problem, XXL Nutrition began looking for a better solution which could be used to manage all the processes in its warehouse, including being easy to set up and manage quick and having accurate scanning capability suitable for a warehouse setting.

The CipherLab RK95 industrial mobile computer was brought to XXL Nutrition by our partner, Mobile Creations. Once XXL Nutrition started using the RK95, they noticed a significant increase in their warehouse productivity, as there were no technical issues anymore. The RK95 is a powerful handheld terminal that is purpose-designed for demanding warehousing applications. With the latest Android operating system and a fast processor, the RK95 has also fulfilled larger data collection needs with multiple keypad options. These keypad options include 28-key numeric keypads, 38-Key numeric/function keypads, and 52-Key Alphanumeric keypads. Moreover, versatile reader options such as a laser, 2D imager, mid-range 2D imager, and extended-range 2D imager satisfy different user demands in reading distance in large warehouse settings. When it comes to user-friendly design, The RK95 can fit in a charger with or without a rubber boot. This design takes users' using behavior into consideration and offers a lot convenience regarding the scalable selections of charging solutions, such as a multi-slot cradle with battery charger, which gives enterprises much more flexibility.

The RK95 also comes with ReMoCloud, CipherLab's mobile deployment solution, a solution which brings device administrators the benefits of simple and quick deployment, trouble-free management, and real-time monitoring, fulfilling XXL Nutrition's demand for easy set up and management. Furthermore, ReMoCloud's simple interface is very easy to navigate, making it the ideal solution for managing multiple devices. Taking everything into consideration, the CipherLab RK95 is the perfect overall warehouse solution for XXL Nutrition.

Aside from the standard version, the RK95 cold storage model can extend its productivity into cold storage or freezers and prevent device condensation. Along with all its incredible durability, its freezer 5,500 mAh battery is optimal for low temperature environments, and can withstand 5 working hours at -30°C.

Watch the video to learn more about XXL Nutrition's application: https://youtu.be/hmYF2W3lab8
Also, check out the RK95 product page: https://www.cipherlab.com/en/product-274444/Industrial-Mobile-Computer-RK95-Series.html
ReMoCloud's information can be found here: https://www.cipherlab.com/en/product-c61168/ReMoCloud.html

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