Field Mobility Applications Overview

The value of field mobility will impact the health of your business. However, managing this remote workforce is a challenge. The field workers are responsible for the single-most important interface in your enterprise – the daily interaction with your customers. Weather your workers are involved in sales, service, inspections, or asset tracking, a CipherLab mobile computer in hand delivers a real-time communication no matter in the facility or out in the field. Enabling enterprise to well-control the information needed to maximize the utilization of workforce and vehicle fleet, regardless of your industry; CipherLab upgrades the service level that your workers offer to customers and the productivity level driving your costs down.

Workforce/Fleet Management
In order to ensure efficient routing to increase worker productivity and minimize vehicle costs, you need to know where your workers are and what they are doing at any point in time. Free field workers from paper process...Read full application
Asset Tracking and Management
Assets such as from containers, racks to equipment, machines and vehicles can represent a significant capital investment. If these assets are not available when and where they are needed, the result can be delays that ...Read full application
Inventory and Supply Chain Management
Accessing inventory and pricing system to enable the creation of real-time bids is essential for field worker to improve customer satisfaction. CipherLab mobile computers allow users to read barcodes on the products ...Read full application
Proof of Delivery/Service
Getting product and service to the right ones at the right time is every field worker's daily routine. When field workers are enabled with a CipherLab mobile computer with signature capture capability, proof of deliver and service ...Read full application
Mobile Ticketing and Parking Billing
Mobile ticketing is the process that field workers can use mobile computers to accept customers' order and payment for valid tickets. The term can also refer to a method that law enforcement uses mobile computer to create ...Read full application