Specific Healthcare Solutions

Improving Medication and Specimen Collection Efficiency at Prominent Hospital with CipherLab's RS35 Touch Mobile Computers
Founded in 1945, this Taiwan-based hospital, a distinguished medical center and teaching facility, comprises over 4,000 professionals. Serving military personnel, families, and the public, we manage 1,900 beds, handling 6,000 daily outpatient visits. Dedicated to advancing medical care, they invest in cutting-edge equipment aligned with strategic development priorities......Read full story
New Zealand Public Hospital Relies on CipherLab's RS35 Touch Mobile Computers to Optimize Warehouse Process
New Zealand hospitals are clean, safe, and regularly updated in technology. There are roughly 80 public hospitals across New Zealand, mostly in cities and large towns.....Read full story
CipherLab RS31 Protects Medical Sample Deliveries
The CipherLab RS31 enables a large scale medical company to scan and deliver scores of samples from clinics and hospitals throughout Poland in a fraction of the time it used to take....Read full story
CipherLab's RK25 Improves Communications and Increases Operational Effectiveness in Hospital Logistics in Germany
A hospital located in the middle of Germany needs to provide high standards of service. Having to manually manage the healthcare supply chain, the hospital looks for solutions that would improve operational effectiveness while being compliant to the FMD. The CipherLab RK25's superior 2D scanning, physical keypad and stable communication...Read full story
CipherLab Handheld Scanner Helps with Drug Administration Implementation
CipherLab's 1564A handheld scanner's advance functions make the Three Checks and Five Rights procedure more efficient. It provides reliability in data capturing accuracy, ensuring precise information. It streamlines daily process in medical environments. Built with ergonomic designs, it enables users to get the job done anytime and anywhere...Read full story
CipherLab RS31 Empowers Workers with Real-time Accessibility through Microsoft Remote Desktop App (RDP)
Created by a world leader in the world leader in gases, medical technologies and services for Industry and Healthcare, the enterprise is one of its subsidiaries to provide home healthcare service, and supplying medical devices and patient follow-up services, such as oxygen therapy, assisted breathing, treatment of sleep apnea and etc. It provides a link between patients...Read full story
Safeguard Patients through HIS System Always Up-to-date
Founded in 1900, a China hospital has grown into an innovative and modern hospital with about 7,000 staffs and 4,000 beds to serve more than 4.28 million patients and emergency cases. Being awarded as one of China's Top 10 Units of Professional Ethics Construction, the hospital has stood out as a leader hospital by its outstanding performance in manifold...Read full story
Czech Nursing Homes Improve Efficiency and Avoid Medical Error with 8001 Mobile Computer
As the Czech government has transitioned from the Socialist to Capitalist system, once all-inclusive public nursing care facilities have become dependant upon user charges and fees. In order to bill each patient for diagnostic and comprehensive care services, institute staff were recording charges and fees on hand-written forms or using a Microsoft...Read full story