Partner with Us

CipherLab Partners are recognized and certified as Distribution Partner, Project Support Partner, Solution Partner.

CipherLab Partners will be invited to Global Partner Conference, Regional Vertical Conference, and Regional Workshop when these events take place. In each event, Partners are cordially welcome to participate in business development and keep abreast with CipherLab’s solutions as well as product development.

Why Partner with CipherLab?

1 Tier One Product Offering
    World's best kept secret...
  • Gain a competitive advantage with an innovative supplier
  • Leverage an international brand with 30+ years of experiences in the industry
    Modular accessory design
  • Build your product using innovative accessory design rather than building device hardware from scratch
  • Faster delivery and roll out to user expectation
  • Reduce redundant inventory by flexible combination and assembly
    Feature rich product line-up, designed & manufactured in-house
  • Mitigates supply chain issues
  • Speed to market
  • User input critical to design process for improvement and customization

2 Efficiency & Competence
    Out of box solutions for device roll out
  • Scan and go
  • Operational utility tools
  • Handy deployment - ReMoCloud, EnDeCloud
    Long-standing partnership with Google
  • Develop products with Google direct support
  • Extend commitments to enterprise users: MADA, GMS, AER, EMM

3 Commitments
    Unique approach to reseller relationships
  • We won’t over-distribute to build robust partnership
  • We take care of partner investment
  • We secure partner’s interests in project/ tender engagement with on-site technical supports
    Local pre-sales support
  • Speedy response
  • 24-hour e-mail reply to commercial & technical inquiries from support team at HQ
   Competitive pricing
  • High quality product, value price point
  • Attractive margin
  • Special deals to meet various requirements

Distribution PartnerProject Support PartnerSolution Partner


Contact regional offices and sales teams to build the partnership:

  • Technical Download
    Get firmware, software, and documents for the most up to date information for your CipherLab product.

  • Image Gallery
    Download images from CipherLab's Image Gallery.

  • Alliance Partners
    Through CipherLab's alliance partner network, we develop collaborative relationships with other partners to provide a broader range of services.