Solution 10

CT logistics equips CipherLab 8300 for SKU validation

CT logistics was founded in 1993 and is one of the biggest logistics companies in Taiwan. The capacity of CT distribution center for dry goods is 24500 standard pallets, which serve well-known manufacturers like Nestle & Retailers like RT-Mart in Taiwan. Additionally, CT owns the biggest frozen and air conditional warehouse in Taiwan with capacity of 12000 pallets for frozen goods. Their customers requiring the chilled distribution include McDonald's, Nestle, KFC, Fuji-color, and 7-11. CT logistics aims to be the integrated and intelligent distribution center with efficient customer services.

To meet customer satisfaction, CT logistics uses CipherLab's 8300 mobile computer for SKU validation. When goods arrive at the warehouse, employees scan the item's barcodes to identify if they are listed in the database. If so, the shipment will be accepted. If not, CT logistics staff will contact their customer for further instruction. With CipherLab 8300, CT logistics manages receiving process accurately and rapidly.

About CipherLab's 8300 mobile computer
The 8300 is built for rugged, hard work and endures long shifts so more can be done with minimal time and less cost. In addition, its ergonomical design makes working with the 8300 mobile computer both safe and comfortable. With both optical scanning and RFID, you're ready for fast, accurate data capture using barcodes and RF tagging. The 8300 is equally at home in retail, healthcare, and warehousing. From pharmacy and store shelves to patient rooms and loading docks, the 8300 puts powerful, economical AIDC computing in your hands.

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