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Executive Team

Executive Team

  • Steven Liau
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    A co-founder of the company in 1988, Steven has driven the development and growth of the company since its inception. His diverse background and entrepreneurial spirit lead the growth and organization of every part of the company. Mr. Liau has overseen CipherLab's expansion to a worldwide AIDC company, and participates daily in the sharpening of CipherLab's renowned focus on customer service, industry expertise, and technical innovation.

  • George Tan
    Senior Vice President and Spokesman
    Mr. Tan, with strong knowledge in products and technology in AIDC industry, helped CipherLab establish a solid manufacturing department that could deliver on its product designs to a growing customer base when co-founding the company. Moreover, with the expertise in software and application development, he helped the company build the MIS department to manage corporate resources.

    Mr. Tan also plays the role of spokesman. He keeps our potential and current investors updated about CipherLab's innovation as well as performance, and ensures their expectation is channeled to the management officers.

  • Lim Yee
    Senior Executive of Global Business Development
    Mr. Lim had 28 years of accomplished experience in the field of AIDC before he was headhunted by CipherLab. Mr. Lim’s capability in formulating business strategies and implementing tactical plans is well proven and recognized. Mr. Lim has also demonstrated strong leadership in coaching sales persons to achieve targets since he joined CipherLab. Now he is delegated to lead sales teams to build robust sales structures worldwide for sustainable business growth.