Transportation & Logistics Applications Overview

Getting products to their destination is the easy part. Getting the right ones there at the right time takes meticulous monitoring and tracking of countless packages, cartons, cases, and pallets constantly moving into and out of trucks, trains, and airplanes. But AIDC and wireless, remote access to massive logistics databases simplify the tasks necessary to complete deliveries on time.

At the loading docks, CipherLab mobile computers with Bluetooth® and wireless LAN technologies put powerful logistics and transportation applications in the hands of goods handlers, forklift drivers, and managers. Each time a carton is scanned, the mobile computer connects to remote servers and updates corporate databases with accurate information about goods movement. With a range of laser scanning distances possible in a CipherLab mobile computer, goods can be scanned near and far, making it easy to quickly find and load the right products to get them on their way. And, with RFID interrogation built into CipherLab mobile computers, companies are ready to take advantage of this new technology - whether today or in the future - accelerating the data capture process.

For drivers, wireless WAN (GSM/GPRS) technology in CipherLab mobile computers gives them remote access to databases on the road. They can quickly find the goods located in their trucks and remotely update delivery status as they drop them off. This keeps managers and customers informed up to the minute of the status of deliveries. CipherLab mobile computers with signature capture and Bluetooth® technology add the ability to print acceptance receipts and delivery records on site for a clear paper trail of the driver's activities and good's transport.

Finding CipherLab in Transportation & Logistics
Shipping & Receiving, Cross Docking, Load Management, Driver Automation, Location Status, Pickup & Delivery, Proof of Delivery, Real-time Tracking Status. Wherever goods and people are on the move and need to be located and tracked, CipherLab solutions provide effective tools for efficient work.

Shipping & Receiving
Shipping and receiving docks bustle with activity. Workers roll hand trucks and pallet jacks loaded with cartons. Forklifts swiftly move pallets into and out of trucks and containers. Time is of the essence on the docks, so moving...Read full application
Cross Docking
Cross docking eliminates warehousing, but only if the goods make it to the right destination on time. A mistake can mean a costly and timely delay in someone's supply chain. But CipherLab mobile computers and the...Read full application
Load Management
Whether goods are packed in a 53 foot long trailer or 24 foot delivery truck, loading them in the right order - furthest destination first - saves time along the way. And labeling them helps make sure the right cartons get unloaded...Read full application
Driver Automation
Gone are the days of route sheets and paper manifests. With accurate destination and delivery information in a mobile computer at the driver's fingertips, companies can make more deliveries, more efficiently. CipherLab mobile...Read full application
Location Status
Rapid access to detailed, up-to-date location and status information of packages create more efficient operations and improved customer service. CipherLab mobile computer solutions with wireless WAN (GSM/GPRS) access...Read full application
Pickup & Delivery
Simplifying pickup and delivery means putting more automated tools in the hands of the driver. Powerful CipherLab mobile computers with wireless WAN (GPRS/GSM) communications or WLAN networks and customized applications on them, accelerate pickup and delivery, eliminate paperwork, and take...Read full application
Proof of Delivery
When you need to know who accepted one of your customer's deliveries, right now, nothing is as satisfying as giving your customer the exact name - especially if it was just minutes ago and the driver is still on the road...Read full application
Real-time Tracking Status
Successful real-time sales benefits from always knowing your inventory on the truck or van. And tracking it over time helps you make the right choices for future product availability. A CipherLab mobile computer helps you track ...Read full application