Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

Logistics pros put the right goods in the right place at the right time. CipherLab's rugged products do the hard work, despite the bumps and grinds of trucks, warehouses and loading docks. Wireless communications enable enterprise-wide coordination - with the power to track, identify, inventory, load manage, trace, dispatch and deliver - with full compliance from source to customer. Need terminal emulation? Inventory for QuickBooks? Labels printed? CipherLab solutions have the right tools and technologies to organize, store and deliver.

Optimizing Airline Cargo Handling With The Assistance Of The CipherLab RS35
Operating 1,400 flights weekly including 91 pure cargo flights to over one hundred cities across many continents, this Airline is one of two major airlines in Taiwan and is the state-owned flag carrier of Taiwan. As of 2022, this Airline operates 91 fleets of which 22 are cargo fleets that ensure supply continuity for economic growth by transporting goods...Read full story
Bönders GmbH – A Large Third-Party Logistics in Germany Chooses CipherLab Logistics Solution to Ensure a Smooth Delivery Process
Bönders GmbH Spedition was founded in Krefeld in 1954 as a midsized transportation and logistics company. Currently, it has close to 450 employees and a truck fleet of 50 vehicles specializing in transportation and logistics. Bönders offers integrated logistics solutions along the entire value chain locally, nationally, and internationally under the B+K Group...Read full story

Typical Applications
Shipping & Receiving
Shipping and receiving docks bustle with activity. Workers roll hand trucks and pallet jacks loaded with cartons. Forklifts swiftly move pallets into and out of trucks and containers. Time is of the essence on the docks, so moving…Read full application
Cross Docking
Cross docking eliminates warehousing, but only if the goods make it to the right destination on time. A mistake can mean a costly and timely delay in someone's supply chain. But CipherLab mobile computers and the … Read full application

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