Alliance Partners

Alliance Partners

CipherLab is devoted to satisfy our customers' needs by developing solutions together with our partners. We provide products and services that can be quickly deployed to meet industry needs and applications.

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Airlock Browser by Outcoder
Airlock Browser provides secure browsing and allows organizations to configure the browser to meet the unique needs of their business and end-users. Airlock Browser allows organizations to take advantage of mobile browsing without security risks, while offering deep integration features that connect the web with the device, such as barcode scanning support for web pages.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51

VMware Workspace
VMware Mobile Device Management enables businesses to address the challenges associated with mobility by managing all devices from the central admin console. AirWatch enables enterprise to enroll devices quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51, 9700A, RK26, RS36, RS38
Ascent Warehouse Logistics
Ascent Warehouse Management Software (WMS), Warehouse Execution Software (WES), and Warehouse Control Software (WCS) solutions offer a wide range of capabilities to distributors and manufacturers well beyond those found in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Data Collection modules, or light weight SAAS WMS solutions. Ascent's solutions bridge the operational performance gap for manufacturers and distributors to deliver seamless integration with ERP business systems ranging from QuickBooks to SAP - delivering Tier 1 warehouse automation software functionality at a mid-tier price point to yield exceptional upfront and long term ROI!

> Certified products: RK95, RK95 Cold Storage

ASP Microcomputers – ASP have been solving the challenges of improving businesses with the use of technology since 1977. ASP's experience in designing and deploying fully integrated Auto ID solutions, has placed the company in a unique position to offer cost-effective, scalable, robust and efficient solutions to our many clients. This is achieved by leveraging the latest technological platforms to offer intuitive and simple to use solutions. An example of some of these solutions can be seen here.

ASPluris™ – ASPluris is an innovative product from ASP Microcomputers that adds mobility to ERP and WMS systems using web services and a CipherLab RK25 rugged portable barcode terminals. ASPluris is available as a series of modules including, Dispatch, Pick & Pack, Stock Adjust, Location sequence, Receive, Put Away, Stocktake, Stock Transfer, Consolidation, and Printing to name a few.

zapMYstock™ - zapMYstock is more than an advanced stocktake tool. zapMYstock is able to provide instant information on each of your stock items, by just scanning the item barcode. The description, cost, location, quantity on-hand, and other important data is presented on the screen of the CipherLab hand-held Android terminal. zapMYstock is available for users of MYOB as well as being able to work with a range of databases that can exchange standard CSV text files such as Xero, Zoho and JIWA to name a few. zapMYstock is packaged with a powerful tool which allows you to print barcodes for all your items using a standard laser or inkjet printer, so that when it comes time to do a stocktake, what used to be a slow and labour intensive process will become a cinch.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51

BMI Systems Group
BMI Systems Group specializes in Capital Asset and Warehouse scanning that interfaces with many popular Financial ERP Software applications for the Public Sector. We also market many stand-alone scanning products and world class RFID tracking applications. For over 35 years, BMI Systems Group has designed and installed innovative solutions that are used by school districts, counties and cities throughout the United States.

> Certified products: RS35, RS36, RS35 UHF RFID Reader

Cadre Technologies
Cadre Technologies is a leading innovator of warehouse management software for distribution and 3PL, 4PL logistics operations and online collaboration. Solutions include Cadence WMS, a real-time, warehouse management system that organizes inventory, orders, shipments and workflow in high-volume logistics operations; Accuplus, a comprehensive WMS solution that helps manage 3rd Party Logistics operations; and LogiView, a hosted web application that helps provide real-time inventory monitoring information across multiple warehouses and shipments for retail, manufacturing, distribution, 3rd Party Logistics and 4th Party Logistics companies. For more information, visit

> Certified products: RK95, 9700

A leading integrated 3PL warehouse and transport management system for SMEs, CartonCloud lets businesses do more, with less.

CartonCloud's powerful and intuitive, cloud-based WMS/TMS software enables logistics businesses to boost data and operational accuracy, optimise operations, empower staff, delight customers with enhanced customer service, and scale their business with ease.

CartonCloud links seamlessly with CipherLab scanners and mobile touch computers to scan inventory barcodes, manage sales orders and consignments, and optimise warehouse and transport operations on the go.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51

Dexion Systems
“DSS is a flexible, fully scalable WMS solution provider for eCommerce, retail, wholesale Distribution Centres.”

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51

Fusion UEM by VXL Software
VXL Software is a global leader in the creation of unified endpoint management software. Its Fusion UEM solution provides powerful and centralised remote management of both mobile and desktop endpoints including CipherLab ruggedized devices. Easy-to-use and quick to install, Fusion UEM vastly simplifies endpoint management and incorporates a perpetual license for lifetime ownership.

> Certified products: 9700A

Inyxa is a niche business and technology consulting organization focused on transforming supply chains through its unparalleled industry knowledge. It delivers services as well as point solutions to enhance ERP functionality. Inyxa EasyPick is a state-of-the-art, modern, mobile supply chain transactions platform, designed for visibility, efficiency, and automation of end-to-end material management for manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51

Velocity, powered by Wavelink, is designed to make it easy to migrate telnet and browser-based applications. Velocity is the only industrial browser that is SAP S/4HANA certified, enabling to get more from the SAP EWM and ITSmobile Systems for Supply Chain.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51, RK26, RS36, RS38

Industrial Browser
Industrial Browser, powered by Wavelink, offers an alternative to instantly deploy Windows® and Android based mobile computers into web-based workflows.

> Certified products: 9700

Terminal Emulation
Terminal Emulator, powered by Wavelink, designed for IBM® 3270/ 5250, VT100/ 110/ 220/ 330, and HP systems, expands the capabilities of Windows®- based mobile computers to meet the needs of multiple types of mainframe environments.

> Certified products: RS31, RS50, 9700A

Avalanche,Powered by Wavelink,combines Mobility Center, a management console for control and configuration, CE Secure, and Remote Control in an integrated system.

> Certified products: 9700

CETerm, powered by Wavelink, integrates data collection features for Windows®- based mobile computers with wireless security technologies and scripting capabilities to enable more efficient and customized workflows. Certified by industry-standard platforms, such as SAP Netweaver ITSMobile, CETerm ensures all remote tasks required by the software are completed.

> Certified products: 9700

KALIPSO Mobile Application Generator is a powerful software designed for Windows® and Android based mobile computers. Simple and intuitive to operate, users can create applications with drag and drop either online or offline.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51, RS31, RS50, 9700A, 9700

The RIC Group
The RIC Group are supply chain experts and our intelligent software helps customers solve supply chain issues across the globe. Our philosophy is keep the core clean. Our cloud-based architecture ensures our WMS and TMS is highly scalable, improves control and increases efficiency with integrating to your ERP.

We deliver and support solutions. CipherLab hardware is certified with our software ensuring customers have a scalable solution.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51

SATO (TOKYO:6287) is a global provider of automatic identification and data collection solutions for leading companies throughout the supply chain. SATO helps tag every‘thing’to turn it into big data — making it knowable in real time. An industry pioneer focused on the on-site needs of customers, SATO engineers hardware, software and consumables and integrates them with third party offerings to streamline workflows and capture and visualize data for a connected world of productivity, safety, reassurance and sustainability.

SOTI-MobiControl for Windows® and Android based mobile computers delivers a robust set of features to support remote management. Remote device diagnostics, helpdesk toolset, screen capture, remote software provisioning, and advanced security of MobiControl allow rapid and reliable management over any network for any size of deployment.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51, 9700, RK26, RS36, RS38

Take Total Control of Your Devices
Designed specifically for the interactive Edge of Things. Deliver the scalable Edge you want in real-time. Enterprise-grade and AI ready, leverage the full potential of every device operating the interactive Edge of Things.

Monitor devices, push content, quickly provision systems for use in minutes, handle remote support cases from users 1000s of miles away. Retail, logistics and freight, production line, and any enterprise edge use case can take advantage of the powerful, certified management platform with Springdel.

> Certified products: RK25, RK95, RS35, RS51

StayLinked is the premier host-based solution for terminal emulation, terminal session management, screen reformatting, and speech recognition. StayLinked provides completely reliable emulation sessions, even in the most difficult and dynamic environments.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51

SureMDM by 42Gears
SureMDM by 42Gears is a powerful MDM solution and MDM app for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. You can secure, monitor and manage company-owned devices for dedicated use as well as employee-owned devices used to access company data (BYOD). SureMDM incorporates all aspects of EMM such as Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Content Management.

> Certified products: RS35, RK25, RS51

Telelogos is an international software publisher that edits and markets infrastructure solutions dedicated to mobility, digital signage, and points of sale networks. With over 30 years of expertise, Telelogos software applications are known for providing high quality services, and for their ability to manage thousands of devices 24/7.

> Certified products: RK25, RS31

Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) is a leading provider of user configurable, mobile data collection software, barcode systems and RFID software. TracerPlus requires no programming experience, compatible with WM/Ce and Android devices, and syncs data via cradle, WiFi, and WAN connections.

> Certified products: RK95, RK25, RS35, RS51, RS30, RS31, RS50, 9700A, 9700