To meet the challenges of the global marketplace, smarter manufacturers increase levels of customer satisfaction, service efficiency and production economy. CipherLab AIDC solutions make it all possible. With real-time data, staff deployment, materials handling, inventory control and sales cycles gain profitable efficiency. QC, WIP tracking, inventory control and shipping/receiving gain accuracy. Even tool cribs get organized. Put rugged CipherLab products to work in the lab, on the shop floor and in the warehouse.

Enhancing Food Distribution Inventory And Shipping With RS35 And Its OCR For Recording Production Dates
As one of the world's leading animal feed manufacturers, farm business engagers, and food product developers, this Thai company has earned a reputation for excellence in its field. This company operates retail and food outlets, focusing on producing top-quality food that offers abundant nutrition and flavor...Read full story
RK95's Data Collection Capability Proves to be Invaluable in Automobile Plants
Known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, this Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. This motor company has three joint-ventures in China, with one of them made up of two operating plants located in Guangzhou. One of the plants actually supplies all the auto parts for the company's business system in Guangzhou...Read full story
Turning Production into Digitalization with the CipherLab 5300 Smart Data Collector is Easy
CipherLab's 5300 Smart Data Collector, which comes with cOS operating system's guaranteed stability, low power consumption, and simple installation to fit any factory's environment, proved once again to be the best solution to help turn a world leading TFT LCD display company's production line into digitalization...Read full story

Typical Applications
Access Control in Manufacturing
In today's world markets, a company's competitive advantage is what can lead to success. And competitive advantage is all about managing access - to intellectual property, engineering labs, sales accounts, business financials…Read full application
Raw Material & WIP
Materials and the supply chain form the foundation of a manufacturing organization. Knowing where materials are located in the production process - inventory or on the production line - can mean meeting orders or delaying sales … Read full application

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