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Improving Medication and Specimen Collection Efficiency at Prominent Hospital with CipherLab's RS35 Touch Mobile Computers

Founded in 1945, this Taiwan-based hospital, a distinguished medical center and teaching facility, comprises over 4,000 professionals. Serving military personnel, families, and the public, we manage 1,900 beds, handling 6,000 daily outpatient visits. Dedicated to advancing medical care, they invest in cutting-edge equipment aligned with strategic development priorities. To enhance inpatient care workflows, they're upgrading equipment. Challenges in unit dose dispensing and specimen collection include congestion at nursing stations and complexities in system logging in and barcode scanning. Delays occur as nurses log in and scan barcodes on PCs, smartphones, or mobile computers. Overcoming these hurdles is crucial for achieving a streamlined and efficient healthcare workflow.

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RS36 Touch Mobile Computer

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Well-known for pioneering Bluetooth® wireless scanners and creating rock-solid tethered scanners, CipherLab manufactures industry-leading scanners that provide long-lasting service with a low total cost of operation.