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CipherLab Service Advantage
Focus on building your business while the CipherLab Service Advantage shields your devices. Industry depends on efficient technology. CipherLab will oversee your hardware to prevent and repair failure. Trustworthy electronics such as our resilient mobile computers, barcode scanners and RFID readers are vital to productivity. However, a solid warranty program will guarantee your business doesn't suffer interruption or loss of assets due to breakage. The CipherLab Service AdvantageTM fixes or replaces devices rapidly and affordably. The purchase of our products is a worthwhile expense, as their durability and warranty plan keep your company running smoothly.

Fend Off Unexpected Repair Costs
CipherLab manufactures sturdy mobile computers and other devices. Nevertheless, usage in factories and other sites with a lot of activity can lead to accidents. The CipherLab warranty program verifies a skilled technician will mend your device back to working condition. Whether liquid spills, significant falls, animal damage or prolonged use lead to a breakdown, we rebuild our products with no hidden fees. Electronics appear brand-new once they are fixed. Upon return, the device will contribute to your enterprise's operation just as before.

Flexible Service Options
The CipherLab Service Advantage comes with an assortment of preventative choices. Customers can choose from our Standard, Extended, Standard Comprehensive Warranty and Premium Comprehensive Warranty for up to 5-year protection. Each plan varies in length of coverage and assurance categories such as hardware defects, firmware upgrades, accidental damage and shipping turnaround. Extensions can be purchased if required.

Fast Turnaround Time
CipherLab recognizes your business needs repair work done promptly. Technicians will have your device fixed and shipped back between 1-10 days, depending on your warranty plan. In this brief period, electronics are tested and restored thoroughly yet swiftly. CipherLab regards every situation with urgency, as our representatives understand that performance gaps would negatively impact your company.

Value-added Maintenance
When CipherLab specialists repair your hardware, they also improve the device's software. They will install complimentary security and Android operating system updates. Upon return of the device, functionality will be smoother, data will be secured and upgraded features will be ready for use. Completing these processes will allow your CipherLab device to outlast the competition and produce a solid return on your investment.

Device Commissioning Service
Avoid extra nuisance with device commissioning. The CipherLab Service Advantage respects that your technology is customized to enhance your business. The team practices device commissioning to preserve your operational requirements. When the device is shipped back, the pre-existing operating system, business applications and software will remain as it was originally manufactured, unless it is specified upon filing the RMA service. Exceptional commissioning is subject to a service charge. CipherLab realizes that without these features in place, your business may face daily obstacles. Without setting up commissioning, the company's information technology department, or a third-party company, would have to re-install your preferences. Save time and effort with this added feature.

Item Standard Warranty Extended Warranty Standard Comprehensive Warranty Premium Comprehensive Warranty
Duration 1 Year Up to 4 years Up to 5 years Up to 5 years
General Coverage Hardware Defects V V V V
Normal Wear and Use - - V V
Accidental Breakage - - V V
All Materials, Parts and Labor V V V V
Latest Firmware Update V V V V
Turnaround Time and Shipping Working Day 10 Days 10 Days 3 Days 1 Days
Shipment-Receiving All inbound shipments are customer responsibility.
Shipment-Retum UPS Ground UPS Ground UPS Ground Next Day Air
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