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Electronic tracking throughout the supply chain is critical, even mandated for identification, security and control of goods. The warehouse, once a separate function, today is seamlessly integrated into a logistics process that synchronizes inventory, picking, delivery, returns, and replenishment. With versatile WPAN, WLAN, WWAN, and RFID options, CipherLab helps manage every step. From proof of delivery and cross docking through order staging and driver automation, instant, accurate data brings order to a complicated world.

Leading Online Shopping Platform Boosts Shipping Operation and Warehousing Efficiency Supported by CipherLab's RS35 and RK25
As the largest e-commerce retailer in Taiwan, this online shopping platform provides B2C service for a full range of products, including cosmetics, food, fashion accessories, electronics, home appliances, daily necessities, and more. It has over 10 million customers, almost half of Taiwan’s population, and continues to hit record highs....Read full story
Top International Tobacco Manufacturer Improves Its Working Efficiency by Adopting CipherLab's RK95
One of the largest international tobacco manufacturers in the world with presence in more than 120 countries, utilized CihperLab's RK95 for its warehouse management in Taiwan. The manufacturer's warehouse shelve can be as high as 3 stories, so forklifts are necessary to access the upper racks....Read full story

Typical Applications
Order Picking and Staging
In large warehouses, finding an item can be difficult, especially for new or temporary employees. But hand them a CipherLab mobile computer that's integrated with the inventory management system, and work gets done quickly…Read full application
Product Labeling & Tracking
CipherLab wireless mobile computers with Bluetooth® technology and a belt-clip Bluetooth® printer make labeling fast and easy. Data transmitted over the wireless network to a wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer … Read full application

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