Specific Retail Solutions

Retail Group Significantly Increases Efficiency in Stock Checks and Price Checks with CipherLab’s RK25
Established in 2005 in Thailand, this expansive retail enterprise has been a key player in providing an extensive range of products, services, and consumer goods, all offered at reasonable prices. Regularly checking stocks is crucial for retailers, playing a key role in maintaining accurate inventory levels and ensuring products are always available for customers. This practice is essential for creating organized and customer-friendly retail spaces. ....Read full story
Revolutionizing Stocktaking for the World's Leading Airport Retailer with CipherLab RK25 Stocktake Solution
Present in over 26 countries, this company is a prominent convenience, books, and news retailer with an extensive network of 1,700 stores worldwide. These stores are strategically located in high-traffic areas such as airports, hospitals, and railway stations. The retail company's commitment to speed and efficiency faced a significant challenge due to a cumbersome stocktaking process...Read full story
French Textile Innovator Enhances Shelf Inventory Management with CipherLab's RS35 UHF RFID Solution
In a dynamic era of retail innovation, this renowned French textile manufacturer and ready-to-wear distributor has been pioneering fast fashion across France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. With a visionary approach that redefines traditional store-centric models, the company has artfully established an exclusive market presence through strategic collaborations with...Read full story
Increasing Inventory Management in a Nationwide Retail Store with CipherLab Integrated Solution
Established in 1977, the company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is mainly engaged in the wholesale of coffee beans for coffee shops. After 9 years of supplying coffee beans, the company opened a retail store that sells home-roasted coffee beans and coffee-related products, imported ingredients, confectionery materials, and alcoholic beverage...Read full story
Efficiently Manage Various Merchandise in a Mega Market with CipherLab's Practical Solution
Set in an enormous hanger and located in Thailand, this warehouse-like supermarket amazes customers with its sprawling racks on which every product you could imagine is stacked-high. This supermarket offers an astonishing range of products ranging from clothing, food, cosmetics, and furniture to mobile phones...Read full story
Polish Petrol Retailer Uses CipherLab's RK25 for Inventory in Petrol Station Convenience Store
As a leading player in the fuel and energy markets, this company operates in a total of six home markets including Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Canada. The company owns an integrated infrastructure capable of processing no less than 35 million tons of various crude oil types per year and marketing to over 2800 service stations...Read full story
Footwear Manufacturer Replaced Its Handheld Devices with CipherLab RK95 and RK25 for Better User Experience and Quick Customer Service Support
A world renowned footwear manufacturer, headquartered in India, uses CipherLab RK95 and RK25 in its warehouses to optimize their operation. The footwear manufacturer serves more than 1 million customers per day, employs over 30,000 people, operates more than 5,300 shops, and manages 23 production facilities. It has a retail presence in over 70 countries...Read full story
CipherLab's RK25 Series Optimizes Inventory Management in Outlet Stores and Warehouses
With close to 100 outlet stores nationwide in Pakistan, the retail venture has adopted the CipherLab RK25 not only in its outlets but also in its many warehouses to optimize its inventory management...Read full story
CipherLab 1504P Fulfils Variety of Scanning in Logistics and Retail Applications
Today, the company represents the number one Italian retailer in household items sales, with a constantly growing turnover. The headquarters is located in Viale Monterosa in Arcore, where more than 170 people work in the company's various offices. The company measures itself daily in different markets...Read full story
World Leading Supermarket Chain Adopts CipherLab RK25 to Improve In-store and Warehouse Operations
Headquartered in France, the company is one of the top retailers and one of the largest supermarket chains in the world. It has many branches that are distributed around the world especially in Asia, Europe and Latin America. The supermarket chain in Taiwan now deploys the CipherLab RK25 in its supermarkets and warehouse...Read full story
The CipherLab RS31 Keeps Chain Pharmacy In-store Stocks More Accurate
Pharmacies play an important role in the medical care system, as they are the general public's first contact when it comes to basic medical care. Being one of the largest public pharmacy institutions with over 50 pharmacy branches in Slovenia, this local chain pharmacy not only conducts pharmacy activities as a public service to provide care to the local population, medical institutions...Read full story
The CipherLab 9700 Series Offers Superb ROI With Its Flexibility of Modular Reader Design
An e-Commerce company headquartered in Pune, India, uses CipherLab RK25 series to increase its warehouse efficiency. It is one of Asia's largest e-Commerce companies selling more than 200,000 baby and children's products from more than 2,000 international brands. To deal with such a variety of products in a busy warehouse environment...Read full story
Indian e-Commerce Company Uses CipherLab RK25 Series to Boost Warehouse Efficiency
An e-Commerce company headquartered in Pune, India, uses CipherLab RK25 series to increase its warehouse efficiency. It is one of Asia's largest e-Commerce companies selling more than 200,000 baby and children's products from more than 2,000 international brands. To deal with such a variety of products in a busy warehouse environment...Read full story
SOTI Certified CipherLab RS31 Brings Enterprises Management Convenience
Headquartered in the United States with over 13,200 retail pharmacy stores in 11 countries, a global leading pharmaceutical wholesaling brand that is dedicated to community pharmacy care uses CipherLab's RS31 to help its retail store staffers increase daily work productivity and improve overall efficiency...Read full story
Fashion Industry - Improve In-Store Staff's Stock Checking Efficiency with CipherLab RK25 Series
CipherLab RK25 series improves a Thailand apparel group's efficiency in more than 300 stores across Thailand. The RK25 series' ability to manage wide range of products with accuracy becomes the perfect solution for big volume data collection. With good readability and reliable 4G/LTE support, it greatly improves the situation...Read full story
Marché Aux Affaires Discount Stores Increase Employee's Work Efficiency for Inventory Management
Marché Aux Affaires is one of the largest discount chain stores with 237 shops in France and Belgium. Its average store has a 1,000 sqm floor and offers more than 10,000 low priced items ranging from gifts, decorations, festive goods, paintings, and DIY to household items...Read full story
CipherLab 9700 Series Proves Its Great Compatibility with BRdata Enterprise Suite for Store Management
Founded in 1978, the end user is dedicated to manifesting truth, beauty, and goodness in the context of natural foods, markets, and restaurants while offering a selection of high-quality natural foods, health products, and information. Located in Southern California with 9 stores, they are continuing to open new stores and expand their presence...Read full story
CipherLab Simultaneously Leads in 9700 and RS50 for Inventory Management in Warehouse and Stores for Branding Shoe Chain Stores
The enterprise is an English footwear and clothing brand, which also makes a range of accessories, shoe care products, clothing, bags, etc. They have been especially famous for its “AirWair” boots and shoes since April 1960. With the need to improve working efficiency of inventory management in stores...Read full story
CipherLab Wireless Smart Scan - Managing inventory of retail business in a timely and error-free fashion
For the users who want to avoid tedious inventory recounts and improve efficiency and productivity during the stocktaking process on retail floors, CipherLab WSS designer helps to generate a customized screen layout setting for quick data entry and identify duplicate scans in quick succession with instant feedback...Read full story
Making Inventory Management Efficient
The Shan-Dong Motors Company has chosen to trust CipherLab and equip their stores with the 9300 mobile computer. It ultimately has the ability to efficiently maintain their inventory management. CipherLab cooperates with our software partner, Xinlifang, to decrease product waste, streamline process and improve efficiency. Thus, the 9300 gives them...Read full story
Littlefield Oil Convenience Stores Cash In With CipherLab Mobile Computers
Based in the southeastern U.S., Littlefield Oil specializes in all types of fuel service, from convenience stores and truck stops to marinas and oil fields. The company was experiencing a severe inventory management problem: its Jam Mart Convenience Store and Short Stop Truck Stop employees were manually ordering and tracking grocery inventory...Read full story
CipherLab and POSitive Technology Helps Retail Jeweler Sparkle
Chrome Hearts, a high-end international jeweler, had an inventory management problem. It was using paper tracking at some of its 15 locations, and handheld bar scanners at others. Both systems were inaccurate and time consuming; the handheld readers had difficulty with the high-density bar code and its massive amount of data, and only had a read success...Read full story
Valora: Reliable data input at point of sale
The Swiss retail group Valora is implementing new technology at its points of sale (POS). The Muttenz-based company is using handheld scanners from CipherLab to improve its performance in three areas that are decisive to remaining competitive and increasing market share: speed, economic efficiency and reliability...Read full story
CipherLab 8001 manages all the details for Nielsen
Nielsen is one of the leading research companies in the world. They provide various research services, mostly for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), which provide retailers and manufacturers market analysis for product development and related business decisions. Research and market information provided by Nielsen include: Consumer Panel Service...Read full story
Keeping it Neat: Centralized Pricing Across the Chain
Shoe Sensation is a regional chain of family shoe stores selling quality brand-name footwear. The company specializes in utilizing local management across the chain to enable stores to customize their merchandise to suit their individual communities. Scan Again, Inc., a North American reseller and integrator specializing in the sales and service of...Read full story
CipherLab CP30 mobile computer prevents rat infestation
The pest control company BioTec-Klute has equipped its field service technicians with new mobile data collection devices (MDE) of CipherLab CP30 type. They provide reliable information on the kind and the intensity of the infestation and thus further increase the pest control efficiency. The implementation partner is AISCI Ident, a specialist for ...Read full story
L'Etoile Selects CipherLab 8300 Series to Open Stores Faster and Improve Efficiency
In the highly competitive perfume and cosmetics industry, L'Etoile has become the largest retail chain in Russia in just ten years. Over 30 stores stretch across Moscow, plus boutiques can be found in more than 25 regions around the country. Customers shop among 150 world famous brands from around the globe-Christian Dior, Burberry, YSL, Matiss...Read full story
Amatil Improves Business Efficiencies with CipherLab 8300
Coca-Cola Amatil is the principal Coca-Cola licensee in Australia and independently manufactures its own soft drinks and mineral waters. It is the country's largest manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks and other alcohol-free beverages, and is the market leader in the industry...Read full story
CipherLab's BT Mobile Computer Helps Furniture Wizard Revolutionize the Retail Furniture Industry
In 1997, Martin Fischbein had a problem. A 20-year furniture retailing veteran and a self confessed computer geek, he could no longer tolerate the inefficiencies he experienced in the day-to-day operations of his business - particularly when it came to inventory management. After searching for software that could help automate some of these tedious, ...Read full story
CipherLab Receives National Award for Improving Customer Service and Inventory Control
With a 120-year legacy in the retail furniture business, Emerson's Furniture of Brattleboro, Vermont is the picture of tradition. The heritage-rich company, however, doesn't ignore the power of modern technologies. When store owner Peter Johnson realized an automated inventory and point of sale system could free up more time and resources for customer...Read full story
CipherLab Terminals Give Automotive Shock Producer a Smoother Ride
Delphi is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive systems and original equipment components, providing comprehensive product solutions to vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. Every item that carries the Delphi brand is manufactured to meet Delphi's high quality standards. Delphi applied this same attention...Read full story
Breakthrough for In-Store Retail Technology! Swiss Discounter
Denner is one of the leading retailers in Switzerland. The company sells in about 600 mid-size outlets brand products (75%) and own labels (25%) at discount prices. In 2002 Denner launches a new strategy "New Denner". From the review of business process, In-Store technology to the new design of outlet, everything was changed to a modern, state of art...Read full story
NISYST and CipherLab Offer Retailers Versatile Point-of-Sale System
Established in 1991, Nirvana Intelligent Systems Limited (NISYST) is one of the U.K.'s premier developers of integrated IT solutions for the retail sector. Designed to run on touch screen platforms (but not restricted to them), NISYST's software includes its highly-regarded NPoS Point of Sale Solution. NPoS helps shops and businesses take more control...Read full story
CipherLab Wins PayPoint Field Test, Replaces HHP for Retail Agents
PayPoint PLC (LSE: Pay.L) is a payment collection network of over 18,000 retail outlets and agents for the cash payment of bills and services. The company processes over 5 million customer payments each week, valued at approximately £3.8 billion annually, for clients that include the U.K. and Ireland's major utilities, cable, mobile and fixed line...Read full story
Trakware and CipherLab Create Complete Mobile Data Capture Solution
U.K.-based Trakware Solutions has the hardware and software expertise required for its customers to implement complete IT networks and solutions. Its proprietary Active Studio is a unique software development kit for mobile computing platforms. Trakware and CipherLab have established a partnership that enables Active Studio to be easily used with....Read full story
Ugo Foods Selects CipherLab to Serve Up the Pasta
For over 75 years, the Ugo family has supplied fresh pasta and noodles to the U.K.'s top supermarkets with the enthusiasm and dedication necessary for delivering the highest possible quality. When it came time for the company to upgrade its logistics system, it turned to CipherLab authorized reseller, Barcode ConneXions. It posed many demanding....Read full story