Bangkok Port Replaces Notebook Computer with CipherLab's RS50 Series

Bangkok Port Replaces Notebook Computer with CipherLab's RS50 Series

Bangkok Port Replaces Notebook Computer with CipherLab's RS50 Series

Bangkok Port Replaces Notebook Computer with CipherLab's RS50/RS51(the next-gen) Series

CipherLab's versatile RS50/RS51(the next-gen) series impresses port workers in Bangkok, Thailand with its data collection capability, device manageability, and overall ruggedness beating out the traditional notebook computer as the obvious choice to improve operations at the busy port.

Efficiency and accuracy are essential for port workers. They constantly need to deal with a vast amount of on-site information as numerous trucks are coming and going at all times of the day and night. Workers also need to move about freely and handle a multitude of difficult tasks. Needless to say, all that information needs to be recorded correctly. Bangkok Port workers realized that the current execution was too inefficient and therefore sought a solution with the aim of improving the present operation. The CipherLab RS50/RS51(the next-gen) was the obvious choice and is now being deployed throughout Bangkok Port to systematically improve and speed up all operations.

Notebook computers were originally being used by port workers in Bangkok to enter information such as license plate numbers, driver's names, container numbers, etc. However, they could only record data while truck drivers were moving their containers to the assigned customer permit areas. Notebook computers can also be cumbersome and difficult to operate while walking around a busy port, so the data entering process ended up taking a lot of time and many errors often occurred. Besides that, the data entering process proved to be time consuming and frequently led to serious traffic jams throughout the port. Obviously, the notebook computer was not the proper solution for workers to collect data in a port area where productivity, efficiency, and accuracy are required.

Consequently, the workers in Bangkok Port were seeking a solution to improve this situation. Considering the demanding work environment, some important functions were clearly needed, such as data collection capability, device manageability, and ruggedness. As might be expected, the CipherLab RS50/RS51(the next-gen) series was chosen as the all around solution the workers were seeking. First of all, the CipherLab RS50/RS51(the next-gen)'s user-centric design makes it is easy to use
throughout the busy work day. Compared to a notebook computer, the auto-adjustable backlight and sunlight visibility ensures screen readability in the field, especially under the blinding sunlight in Thailand. It is also much lighter and less cumbersome than a notebook computer, making it convenient for workers to carry around as they walk the immense port area. Moreover, the data capturing function allows port workers to receive all required information being entered by using the RS50/RS51(the next-gen)'s scanning capability. Its versatile data collection supports 1D and 2D barcodes capturing data in milliseconds, even when a barcode has been damaged. Finally, the ruggedness of the RS50/RS51(the next-gen) protects and secures the collected data in the grueling environment. As a result, all operations are performed much faster and effectively than before.

The deployment of the RS50/RS51(the next-gen) in Port of Bangkok has been a success and has enabled port workers to solve the problems they have been encountering for a long time. Overall efficiency and accuracy has been improved and order has finally been restored.

Download pdf: Bangkok Port Replaces Notebook Computer with CipherLab's RS50 Series