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NISYST and CipherLab Offer Retailers Versatile Point-of-Sale System

Established in 1991, Nirvana Intelligent Systems Limited (NISYST) is one of the U.K.'s premier developers of integrated IT solutions for the retail sector. Designed to run on touch screen platforms (but not restricted to them), NISYST's software includes its highly-regarded NPoS Point of Sale Solution. NPoS helps shops and businesses take more control over operations, ranging from stock control to creating and printing barcodes. Recently, NISYST integrated its NPoS Version 5 for Microsoft® Windows® with CipherLab's 8300 Series of handheld portable terminals to produce an electronic retail solution that is now a recognized industry leader.

The flexible and affordable NISYST/CipherLab solution meets the complex requirements of big box chains as well as the smaller, mom-and-pop shop, delivering a complete point-of-sale system compatible with Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Its intuitive, graphical interface makes it especially popular with retailers having little to no IT experience. NPoS and CipherLab's 8300 portable terminals have been successfully deployed with retailers such as Chaplin's Discount Superstore, Liberty Homestores Ltd. and M1 Foods, where the system has been used for applications such as streamlining and managing stock, creating purchase orders, checking and changing pricing, and printing shelf-edge tickets via a wireless belt printer.

M1 Foods proprietor Vilayat Maumoniat is using NISYST's NPoS with five CipherLab 8370 portable terminals for tasks including purchase ordering, warehouse management, price verification within the stores and price change management. "We have found that it really is a multi-functional solution," he said. "However, one of the nicest features, and the one that really sold the solution for us, is its ability to print labels wirelessly. It's a great feature that allows us to remotely print labels while we are still in the store working, checking items. Life is much easier now. We love the solution and would definitely buy more products."

About the 8300 Series
With its rugged design, high performance memory and integrated laser/CCD barcode scan, the versatile 8300 series is ideal for a wide range of applications, including those in harsh industrial or outdoor environments. It is supported by a rich set of development tools, including a Windows® based application generator, and is programmable in Basic C. It features 1MB of program memory and 256K of data memory, and has line of sight capability up to 300 metres. It is powered by a Li-ion rechargeable battery with 100+ hours of operating time, making it a good choice for inventory control, shop floor management, warehousing and distribution operations.

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