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CipherLab Wins PayPoint Field Test, Replaces HHP for Retail Agents

Paypoint PLC (LSE: Pay.L) is a payment collection network of over 18,000 retail outlets and agents for the cash payment of bills and services. The company processes over 5 million customer payments each week, valued at approximately £3.8 billion annually, for clients that include the U.K. and Ireland's major utilities, cable, mobile and fixed line telephony companies. Its retail agents include independent convenience stores, newsstands, forecourts, supermarkets, retail co-ops and chains that include Londis, Costcutter, Somerfield, Spar, Texaco and One Stop.

Consumers using a PayPoint terminal often need to scan a barcode from their bills to activate the system or to issue a service. Because of the size and breadth of its network, PayPoint needed to deploy scanners that are durable, easy to understand and use, require attention from retail agents and field service representatives, and that experience minimal down time, all at an affordable cost. PayPoint also wanted to private label the scanners to further emphasize its corporate brand.

Although PayPoint initially selected scanners from Hand Held Products, it commissioned an independent field test of today's leading barcode scanner offerings. The CipherLab 1100 Retail Linear Imaging Scanner was put through its paces alongside products from HHP, Metrologic, Datalogic and Opticon. Several demanding scenarios were staged, including ones with poorly printed codes, codes on reflective surfaces (including ones on mobile phone screens), and codes with little or no color contrast.

With its superior performance and affordable price point, the 1100 was selected as the barcode scanner that best met PayPoint's needs. To date, PayPoint has deployed more than 6,000 repair in an 18-month service period, boosting PayPoint's return on investment by reducing servicing costs.

About the 1100 Series
The ergonomic and lightweight CipherLab 1100 Retail Linear Imaging Scanner is designed specifically for the most demanding retail applications. The plug-and-play product supports today's most popular symbologies and features innovative CCD optics that deliver results comparable to conventional laser-based devices, with a reading range from 2cm up to 31cm. Incorporating fast automatic exposure control, the 1100 rapidly adjusts to changing lighting conditions and compensates for LED aging effects - often the cause of variable scanning performance in competitive products.

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