Like a journalist, today's smart retailers need the 5W's - who, what, where, when and why - to maximize profits and customer satisfaction. CipherLab solutions enable accurate records, accelerated stocking, and timely customer service, but that's just the beginning. Instant wireless access speeds transfers, pricing, ordering, returns and replenishment. Not to mention accurate, timely management of every detail. CipherLab is tuned to retail - from the low-margin, fast-turn convenience store to enterprise chains and high-ticket exclusive boutiques.

Increasing Inventory Management in a Nationwide Retail Store with CipherLab Integrated Solution
Established in 1977, the company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is mainly engaged in the wholesale of coffee beans for coffee shops. After 9 years of supplying coffee beans, the company opened a retail store that sells home-roasted coffee beans and coffee-related products, imported ingredients, confectionery materials, and alcoholic beverage...Read full story
Efficiently Manage Various Merchandise in a Mega Market with CipherLab's Practical Solution
Set in an enormous hanger and located in Thailand, this warehouse-like supermarket amazes customers with its sprawling racks on which every product you could imagine is stacked-high. This supermarket offers an astonishing range of products ranging from clothing, food, cosmetics, and furniture to mobile phones...Read full story

Typical Applications
Receiving in Retail
If there isn't one thing to do there's something else that needs to be done. For small store operators, they do everything, not just receiving. For large companies, there are a lot of goods to handle all the time by several people…Read full application
Put Away
To find an item fast when it's needed, you have to know where it is. CipherLab wireless LAN-enabled mobile computers with wireless networks help you not only accelerate put away, but find it later. As barcodes on goods … Read full application

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