Leading E-commerce Platform Employs CipherLab's RS51 and RS35 to Efficiently Handle Large Volumes of Orders in Warehouses

e-Commerce Warehouse

As one of the pioneering and leading marketplaces ranked as India's most popular e-commerce website, this company has revolutionized the Indian e-commerce industry. With more than 80 million products in over 80 different categories, the e-retail platform now has more than 150 million users, 375,000 sellers on board, and more than 8 million monthly shipments through more than 21 state-of-the-art warehouses. Recently, the company has begun to further diversify its food and grocery business through online and soft-open stores.

To meet a high volume of orders, an enterprise-grade device that maximizes productivity and accelerates e-commerce to achieve customer satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, the company has launched an annual tender for the supply of mobile computers and replaced obsolete devices with those offered by the successful bidder. With the government's action against apps over data breaches of citizens and threats to national security, businesses in India are taking extra caution in picking the manufacturers and devices they employ. Among the tenders, CipherLab honorably won the opportunity to introduce the RS51 mobile computers in a year and RS35 terminals in the following year, both equipped with a standard-range scan engine, to its warehouses to assist employees with order processing, picking, inventory management, order shipping, and reverse logistics. The company installed its self-developed apps on the RS35 and executed zero-touch deployment through the 42Gears mobile device management solution to manage, monitor, and control all company-owned devices from various parties.

As the business scope extends to food and groceries, the RS35 touch mobile computer has also been deployed in physical stores to perform daily operations such as price checking, markdowns, and stocktaking. Besides the reliable quality of CipherLab devices and solutions, another reason the company has chosen CipherLab mobile computers over other companies over the years is the responsive service CipherLab has consistently provided, giving users the peace of mind to focus on improving its efficiency and productivity to satisfy customers' needs and continue to grow its business.

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