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Bathroom Fixture Market Leader HCG Selects CipherLab for Better Warehouse Systems

Consistently ranked by Forbes as a global manufacturing leader, HCG Corporation dominates the industry in the delivery of high-quality bathroom fixtures. Based in Taiwan with additional manufacturing facilities in China and the Philippines, HCG's groundbreaking 22-step production and automation processes have helped it establish the highest benchmarks for quality and customer service. But by 2006, despite its innovations in manufacturing, the company still had manual warehouse and shipping processes. Order fulfillment was time-consuming and prone to errors, since the company's inventory was not available in real time. The company turned to CipherLab and its 8370 Wireless Industrial Mobile Computer for an AIDC solution that would enable it to replace its paper-based ordering and warehouse systems with ones that take full advantage of state-of-the-art wireless networking.

Prior to the CipherLab deployment, one HCG employee created a written paper order, while a second entered it into a database. After installing the CipherLab 8370 units, the system became paperless, more efficient and more accurate. Now, as goods leave the assembly line, barcodes are affixed and scanned. Pallets of goods are then moved to the warehouse, where locations and quantities are recorded. As products are shipped, HCG employees capture the product barcode information and enter the quantity leaving the warehouse. The database is then updated, giving HCG an accurate account of available stock in real time. Both paperwork and data entry labor have been eliminated, resulting in significant cost savings.

The CipherLab 8370 was a good choice for HCG because it is easy to deploy, flexible to program and cost effective. And because the 8370 is so easy to use, employee training requirements are minimal - an important consideration for the warehouse setting.

About the CipherLab 8370 Wireless Light Industrial Mobile Computer
CipherLab's 8370 handheld mobile computer is ideal for use in demanding warehouse, manufacturing, distribution and retail logistics settings and is compatible with multiple wireless platforms for instant access to networked devices. With an industrial index of IP65, an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, 350-meter coverage and up to 40 hours of battery life, it is able to function effortlessly in harsh environments.

Download pdf: Bathroom Fixture Market Leader HCG Selects CipherLab for Better Warehouse Systems