ReMoCloudTM is a mobile device management software developed by CipherLab to efficiently manage remote devices over the Internet. It serves as a pragmatic solution for corporate administrators to gain visibility on employee devices. As one of the Android EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions supporting Google Zero-touch enrollment, ReMoCloud streamlines the process for enterprise-owned Android devices and enables rapid large-scale roll out.

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Seven Key Capabilities for Better Device Management

Simple and Large-scale Device Deployment
ReMoCloud provides a streamlined process for device deployments. Enterprises are able to save valuable time and cost in managing devices, whether for initial set up or contingent updates. Use ReMoCloud to create diverse configuration profiles and device groups to help administrators manage different operational processes. In addition, ReMoCloud allows for schedule deployments or updates, so the devices automatically update according to the enterprise's schedule during off hours.

Easy App Management
ReMoCloud makes it easy to manage apps, including upgrading to the latest version. Central administrators can control which apps are allowed on devices via block lists and installed applications, helping teams stay productive without unnecessary distraction. Additionally, enterprise-owned apps can be published easily.

Device Configuration Management
ReMoCloud maximizes control over all devices and enables easy, centralized and large-scale device configuration and adjustments. Configuration settings can be varied depending on device type and user profile. These device groups can be configured in bulk. There is no need to travel for repetitive tasks, reducing effort costs. Management holds access to the full system settings control and adjustments. Enterprise device users can log in and process immediately after receiving their device.
Enroll Enterprise Devices with Flexibility
ReMoCloud supports Android Zero-touch enrollment and offers seamless deployment of single or bulk device set up. When starting up new arrival devices, simply scan the generated barcode to complete the set-up process and deployment of the device. This eliminates the need for tedious step-by-step instructions, saving and eliminating human error.
Real-time Monitoring and Communication

ReMoCloud is a web-based platform for simpling real-time monitoring of device functional status. Its CipherLab Agility Intelligence enables instant review and provides operational analytics and insights. It can periodically send device information to administrators, such as battery health and temperatures, abnormal device events like weak Wi-Fi signal, reader errors, reboot counts, etc. To keep daily operations efficient and team engagement, Push Notification allows text messaging and serves as a quick communication channel for managers to stay in touch and deliver messages to their teams.

Mobile Device Security
ReMoCloud provides various security features. With Real-Time Location and Geo-Fencing, ReMoCloud can locate, track and collect information on the movement and activity of lost or missing mobile devices. Using Ring Device, you can find the missing device by sounding an alarm. Besides, Device Wipe and Device Lock functions allow for remote erasing or locking of lost or stolen devices, helping enterprises securely manage mobile devices and protect confidential information in case of data loss.
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Remote Control and Troubleshooting
For troubleshooting, the “LogGen” application is especially designed to assist on-site operators in collecting all event logs of mobile computers. Based on the history of these events, IT personnel can simulate a real-time environment to solve problems and remove the obstacles locally/remotely. By working with "Remote Control", ReMoCloud administrators can access control of the enrolled devices through the cloud-based console. This feature enables efficient device diagnosis and repair from anywhere, reducing support costs and increasing device availability.

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