Specific Transportation & Logistics Solutions

From Supply Chain to Stores: CipherLab Facilitates France's Retail Group's Logistics Dispatch to 700+ Stores
Established in 1932, the retail group proudly operates more than 700 physical stores across France, alongside an extensive online presence and 11 distribution centers equipped with a delivery fleet. Furthermore, it has successfully expanded its operations by opening stores in the Middle East and several African nations...Read full story
Optimizing Airline Cargo Handling With The Assistance Of The CipherLab RS35
Operating 1,400 flights weekly including 91 pure cargo flights to over one hundred cities across many continents, this Airline is one of two major airlines in Taiwan and is the state-owned flag carrier of Taiwan. As of 2022, this Airline operates 91 fleets of which 22 are cargo fleets that ensure supply continuity for economic growth by transporting goods...Read full story
Bönders GmbH – A Large Third-Party Logistics in Germany Chooses CipherLab Logistics Solution to Ensure a Smooth Delivery Process
Bönders GmbH Spedition was founded in Krefeld in 1954 as a midsized transportation and logistics company. Currently, it has close to 450 employees and a truck fleet of 50 vehicles specializing in transportation and logistics. Bönders offers integrated logistics solutions along the entire value chain locally, nationally, and internationally under the B+K Group...Read full story
Leading Online Shopping Platform Boosts Shipping Operation and Warehousing Efficiency Supported by CipherLab's RS35 and RK25
As the largest e-commerce retailer in Taiwan, this online shopping platform provides B2C service for a full range of products, including cosmetics, food, fashion accessories, electronics, home appliances, daily necessities, and more. It has over 10 million customers, almost half of Taiwan's population, and continues to hit record highs....Read full story
Enterprise Chooses Cipherlab's RS35 and RK95 For TMS and WMS Applications Based On Excellent Track Record
As an innovative force in the timber and decorative solutions industries, this company has been focusing on excellent sourcing and supplying quality commodities and decorative products for over 140 years. Driven by a passion for innovation, responsible sourcing and great customer service.....Read full story
The RS35 Mobile Computers has Greatly Enhanced the Productivity for Inbound and Outbound Logistics in the Warehouse
Offering a broad range of supply chain solutions from integrated logistics and international freight forwarding to cross-border e-commerce and last-mile fulfillment, this logistics group is based in Asia and features a highly diversified business portfolio and strong coverage both in Asia and globally with presence in nearly 60 countries....Read full story
World Renowned Smart Wearable Technology Manufacturer Deploys CipherLab's RS51 and Improves Data Capturing Efficiency
Headquartered in Kansas, USA, having more than 65 offices around the world, and with the mission to make products that are engineered on the inside for life on the outside, the company adopted CipherLab's RS51 in its Taiwan branch to help optimize the efficiency of capturing production line information. The company brings GPS navigation...Read full story
The CipherLab RS31 Series Helps Truck Drivers Deliver High Volumes of Materials More Accurately
The company is a subsidiary of the building distribution branch of a multinational corporation of building materials and a French specialist in the trading of plastics products and solutions building and public works companies. It distributes and offers plastic pipes and fittings, equipment rental, waste disposal services, and...Read full story
CipherLab 1504P Fulfils Variety of Scanning in Logistics and Retail Applications
Today, the company represents the number one Italian retailer in household items sales, with a constantly growing turnover. The headquarters is located in Viale Monterosa in Arcore, where more than 170 people work in the company's various offices. The company measures itself daily in different markets...Read full story
CipherLab's RS31 is Proven to be a Reliable Solution For Australian Logistics Company
A leading logistics company in Australia found that the Cipherlab RS31 fulfilled all their tracking and warehousing needs with its touch-sensitive control, extreme durability, versatile features, and long-lasting battery...Read full story
CipherLab RS50 Series Makes Postal Deliveries More Efficient and Reliable
Thailand Post Company Limited was established in 1883 which is a state-owned organization, providing postal services and bank services in Thailand. Today, Thailand Post has dedicated itself to be the leader in the postal business and providing fast, efficient and reliable services that meet the needs of businesses and all levels...Read full story
Auto-connecting to access Wi-Fi hotspots with CipherLab WISPr
For the users who are expected to distribute a shipment to each store along their routes, CipherLab WISPr Library helps to log in without going through the captive portal on their CipherLab 8600 mobile computers if any authentication is needed to a public Wi-Fi hotspot on a regular basis...Read full story
9400 Maximizes Farm Management Inspection
Established in 1983 in Guangdong, Wen's Food Group operates more than 30 branches of poultry, swine and cattle breeding farms, supplying meat product to over 20 provinces throughout China. Well known for its unique cooperative business model, Wen's Food Group provides biosecurity, animal health, feed and nutrition research, as well as equipment...Read full story
Planet Aid Gets a Helping Hand With CipherLab Mobile Computers
Planet Aid is a non-profit organization headquartered in Massachusetts dedicated to improving the lives of people in developing countries through its clothing collection and recycling program across the United States. Items donated to Planet Aid are resold and proceeds are used to support education, community development and HIV/AIDS programs in Africa...Read full story
Pepsico Bottler and Distributor Uses CipherLab to Improve Field Operations Profile
Grupo Embotelladoras Unidas S.A. de C.V. (GEUSA) is a $400M (US) manufacturer and distributor of Pepsi brand products and other bottled water and soft drinks throughout Mexico. When the company recognized its need for improved data capture in distribution and field service operations, it looked for a cost-effective solution that would stand up to heavy...Read full story
CipherLab Terminals Give Automotive Shock Producer a Smoother Ride
Delphi is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive systems and original equipment components, providing comprehensive product solutions to vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. Every item that carries the Delphi brand is manufactured to meet Delphi's high quality standards. Delphi applied this same attention to its...Read full story
NISYST and CipherLab Offer Retailers Versatile Point-of-Sale System
Established in 1991, Nirvana Intelligent Systems Limited (NISYST) is one of the U.K.'s premier developers of integrated IT solutions for the retail sector. Designed to run on touch screen platforms (but not restricted to them), NISYST's software includes its highly-regarded NPoS Point of Sale Solution. NPoS helps shops and businesses take more control...Read full story
Germany's top 3 kitchen manufacturer NOLTE has realized barcode driven deliveries with nearly zero faults
Germany's top 3 kitchen manufacturer NOLTE has realized barcode driven deliveries with nearly zero faults now.A ready to go truck is full of parcels - every parcel contains a piece of furniture. Cabinets, work disks, faceplates or just accessories - one order has up to 70 different positions. And there are several orders to different destinations...Read full story
Ugo Foods Selects CipherLab to Serve Up the Pasta
For over 75 years, the Ugo family has supplied fresh pasta and noodles to the U.K.'s top supermarkets with the enthusiasm and dedication necessary for delivering the highest possible quality. When it came time for the company to upgrade its logistics system, it turned to CipherLab authorized reseller, Barcode ConneXions. It posed many demanding, ...Read full story