Warehousing Applications Overview

Retailers everywhere receive products from massive warehouses. Finding your way around one is daunting enough without having to look for a specific item within the multiple acres of aisles and storage racks. But this environment is where CipherLab mobile computers and wireless handheld scanners thrive and bring enormous benefits to warehouse operators and distribution managers.

With CipherLab industrial mobile computers, picking and put away could never be easier. Applications loaded into the mobile computers guide warehouse workers where each product is located - aisle, rack, and shelf. As goods are picked or put away, databases are remotely updated through Bluetooth® or wireless LAN technology. Warehouse and destination store managers know the status of goods movement as it happens. Bluetooth® technology lets workers print picking receipts instantly on a Bluetooth®-enabled printer and connect to other Bluetooth® devices that might be needed.

CipherLab technology integrated within the supply chain management system improves efficiency and productivity.

CipherLab in Warehousing and Distribution
Order Picking and Staging, Product Labeling and Tracking, Shipping, Receiving, Put Away, Cross Docking, Access Control, Mobile Inventory Management. Wherever efficiency and accuracy are critical to control movement of goods and keep labor costs down, you'll find CipherLab solutions.

Order Picking and Staging
In large warehouses, finding an item can be difficult, especially for new or temporary employees. But hand them a CipherLab mobile computer that's integrated with the inventory management system, and work gets done quickly…Read full application
Product Labeling & Tracking
CipherLab wireless mobile computers with Bluetooth® technology and a belt-clip Bluetooth® printer make labeling fast and easy. Data transmitted over the wireless network to a wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer … Read full application
Shipping docks are full of activity. Workers roll hand trucks and pallet jacks loaded with cartons. Forklifts swiftly move pallets into trucks and containers. Time is of the essence, so moving the right goods to the right places …Read full application
In receiving, there are a lot of goods to handle by several people. That's why CipherLab mobile computers and scanners in receiving are so great. They accelerate checking orders, handling the goods, and getting …Read full application
Put Away
In large warehouses, put away can be as complex as picking. Workers equipped with a CipherLab mobile computer and your inventory management system can work fast and efficiently. As barcodes on goods are scanned for …Read full application
Cross Docking
Cross docking can save warehouse space and costs, but only if the goods make it to the right destination on time. A mistake can mean lost sales. CipherLab mobile computers and the company's inventory management… Read full application
Access Control in Warehousing
With millions of dollars worth of goods in stock, security is a high priority in any warehouse. Access to secure areas is typically granted through keypads and employee badges with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or … Read full application
Mobile Inventory Management
When a company's sales depend on the right items making it to the sales floor, word-of-mouth orders and paperwork only create potential for errors. Automated ordering and communications using CipherLab mobile …Read full application