Solution 14

CipherLab Terminals Give Automotive Shock Producer a Smoother Ride

Delphi is the world's largest manufacturer of automotive systems and original equipment components, providing comprehensive product solutions to vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world. Every item that carries the Delphi brand is manufactured to meet Delphi's high quality standards. Delphi applied this same attention to its search for a methodology to ensure its U.K.-based shock absorber production plant consistently met product quality goals. CipherLab's CPT- 8001 Wireless Portable Terminal was selected to help smooth plant operations and provide a post-production safety mechanism to facilitate any needed product recalls.

For Delphi, nothing is more important than the quality of its products and its customers' peace of mind. At its U.K. shock absorber production plant, CipherLab's 8001 portable terminals deliver on both fronts, from the start of each shift to post-production recordkeeping.

Upon arrival at the plant, operators initiate each shift by selecting a 8001 terminal from a central charging point and reading the barcodes on their identity badges. They are then given work orders showing the type and quantity of product to be produced. As the shock absorber struts leave the production line, the operator places them on pallets, reading two barcodes: the one on the side of each unit, and the Odette label barcode on the side of the pallet. This system ensures that there are no mixed product pallets and that the exact quantity is correctly loaded. At the end of each shift, data is downloaded from the 8001 terminals to a central computer, collating the records to ensure the correct products and quantities were produced.

About the CPT- 8001 Wireless Portable Terminal
The robust CipherLab 8001 portable terminals are ideal for warehouse, distribution, retail and field service deployments. The units, which can be ordered as either laser or linear scanners, offer a ruggedized design that meets industry drop standards, as well as a backlit display, small hand-held form factor and over 100 hours of battery operation for reliability in the most demanding settings.

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