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Warehouse Optimization with CipherLab 9700 Series
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Warehouse Optimization with CipherLab 9700 Series

Warehouse Optimization with CipherLab 9700 Series

One of the largest paper producers in Northern Europe countries, the enterprise, was found in 1939, has the most powerful equipment and retained its specialization, accumulating experience, renovating facilities and techniques to improve the production of its principal products: kraft paper and paper sacks. With its reliable and high-quality of paper production, the enterprise's rolls of paper and bag paper are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

The finished goods warehouse is a heated room with an area of 40,000 square meters which are divided into 60 storage cells that each cell has 50 to 900 rolls in 4 -5 tiers with total height of 4-5 meters. There are about 130 employees in the warehouse that manage the average balance of products is 9,000 units per months. The IT department was searching for automated solution of industrial terminal with strong backend warehouse management system to optimize warehouse logistics such as reduce too much time consumed for conducting warehouse operations as well as to decrease errors caused by human factors, reduce paper document circulation during warehouse operation and systematize the inventory management between enterprise warehouse and subsidiaries warehouses.

With the active and well-coordinated work of team, CipherLab 9700 and accounting system were successfully implemented into the finished goods warehouse by meeting the major goals of optimizing the warehouse management. CipherLab 9700 series with near/far 2D imager allows reading barcodes on the paper rolls placed at 4-5 tiers of storage cells. In addition, the 9700 is robust and reliable for its WiFi efficiency for real time data transferring. Most importantly, the right set of accessories for CipherLab 9700 has been chosen to enable the workers to work with ease for 15 hours simultaneously operating, whenever they are on the premises. For instance, the vehicle cradle with charging and communication functions provides data backup when failure to connect WiFi network but charges the terminal device at the same time, 4-slots battery charger, pistol grip and a set of additional batteries. Both Windows and Android operating systems are implemented in this project for alternative warehouse management system applications.

Download pdf: Warehouse Optimization with CipherLab 9700 Series