Solution 9

RunStar equips CipherLab 8300 for receiving, ordering, picking, and shipping

Established in 1993, RunStar is a wholesaler and manufacturer of grocery goods. Running 2 thousand items on the list, RunStar serves almost two hundred customers, including big retailers like RT-Mart and other small to medium resellers.

In the past, RunStar managed their warehouse manually, including order entry and fulfillment, receiving, picking, and packing. RunStar staff proceeded with a hard copy of the ordering sheet, and then other staff members entered orders into the database. Since each item has an exclusive and varying supplier, the RunStar staff tracked each order item manually to validate the source of merchandise.

CipherLab's 8300 mobile computer is RunStar's choice for warehousing management and automation because its rugged, ergonomical design makes hard work easy. To streamline their processes, RunStar deploys two devices of the 8300 mobile computer. A staff member scans barcodes on orders, picks goods, and enters the quantities. Data is then transmitted to a computer to print out packing lists. When receiving goods, RunStar validates correct items by suppliers. With the 8300 mobile computer, the RunStar staff is informed of any incorrect items in shipments, and alerted when items are not delivered by the identified supplier. Since deployment of the 8300 mobile computer, the management of receiving, picking, and shipping is managed by one RunStar staff member-a task previously handled by 3 people.

About CipherLab's 8300 mobile computer
The 8300 is built for rugged, hard work and endures long shifts so more can be done with minimal time and
less cost. In addition, its ergonomical design makes working with the 8300 mobile computer both safe and comfortable. With both optical scanning and RFID, you're ready for fast, accurate data capture using barcodes and RF tagging. The 8300 is equally at home in retail, healthcare, and warehousing. From pharmacy and store shelves to patient rooms and loading docks, the 8300 puts powerful, economical AIDC computing in your hands.

Download pdf: RunStar equips CipherLab 8300 for receiving, ordering, picking, and shipping