Solution 7

Keeping it Neat: Centralized Pricing Across the Chain

Shoe Sensation is a regional chain of family shoe stores selling quality brand-name footwear. The company specializes in utilizing local management across the chain to enable stores to customize their merchandise to suit their individual communities. Scan Again, Inc. a North American reseller and integrator specializing in the sales and service of barcoding systems, has worked with Shoe Sensation for more than 10 years to meet its data capture and POS systems needs. Scan Again had long wanted to centralize Shoe Sensation's shelf pricing across the chain, but had not found a partner that could deliver an easy-to-use wireless portable terminal with minimal downtime for this application. Scan Again selected CipherLab's 8071 as the hardware component for Shoe Sensation's companywide audit pricing system.

In May 2008, Scan Again began the process of upgrading Shoe Sensation's pricing database so that it could be instantly accessed via the CipherLab terminals from within any of its 100+ retail outlets. Now, employees simply scan a shelf barcode to quickly retrieve the latest pricing for any shoe product. This boosts customer service by ensuring that consumers always receive the current promotional price, maximizes revenues and creates more efficiency on the retail floor by eliminating pricing research.

"We evaluated several handheld units to use for this project before we selected the CipherLab 8071," noted Scan Again sales executive, Bill Smith. "We're impressed with its small size, speed and how easy it is to use. The deployment is progressing smoothly -- Shoe Sensation loves it."

Download pdf: Keeping it Neat: Centralized Pricing Across the Chain