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CipherLab and POSitive Technology Helps Retail Jeweler Sparkle

Chrome Hearts, a high-end international jeweler, had an inventory management problem. It was using paper tracking at some of its 15 locations, and handheld barcode scanners at others. Both systems were inaccurate and time consuming; the handheld readers had difficulty with the high-density bar code and its massive amount of data, and only had a read success rate of 50 percent. This forced employees to manually enter the long product number when readers failed, creating the potential for data entry mistakes. Additionally, the handhelds were unreliable. The company turned to value added reseller POSitive Technology and distributor BlueStar, Inc. to solve the problem. After careful evaluation, POSitive added CipherLab 8001 Mobile Computers to Chrome Hearts' existing Microsoft® RMS (Retail Management System).

Chrome Hearts quickly experienced a return on investment with the CipherLab 8001 handhelds, jumping to a 100 percent read success rate on barcode scans.

"With high-end jewelry at Chrome Hearts, some of which is valued at more than $250,000, there is no room for error," said POSitive Technology CEO Brett Bennett. "By eliminating paper-based data collection and broken readers, Chrome Hearts erased many of its problems, streamlined its overhead and enabled the company to concentrate on what mattered most - its customers and generating sales."

About the CipherLab 8021 Acoustic Modem Terminal
The economical CipherLab 8000 Mobile Computer delivers anywhere mobility in a ruggedized, ergonomic design, offering speedy barcode scanning via multiple wireless communication options. With a pocket-size form factor that exceeds industry drop standards, the CipherLab 8000 offers 100 continuous hours of battery life, long range radio communication (up to 1148 feet), an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen for low light areas and the lowest possible power consumption, boosting the efficiency of workers on the go in retail, healthcare and logistics settings. Its easy-to-use interface minimizes training requirements and supports a variety of software solutions.

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