Increasing Inventory Management in a Nationwide Retail Store with CipherLab Integrated Solution

Retail Solution | CipherLab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer in Nationwide Chain Store Industry

Increasing Inventory Management in a Nationwide Retail Store with CipherLab Integrated Solution
Established in 1977, the company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is mainly engaged in the wholesale of coffee beans for coffee shops. After 9 years of supplying coffee beans, the company opened a retail store that sells home-roasted coffee beans and coffee-related products, imported ingredients, confectionery materials, and alcoholic beverages. This retail store is gaining popularity as an internationally imported food and coffee bean shop. As of August 2021, there are roughly 500 retail stores throughout Japan. The store is currently focusing on its restaurant business and expanding its retail store business to the overseas market.

The store had been using a Keyence DOS-based device to manage its inventory management operations such as ordering, receiving, and stocktaking. Using the batch mode of DOS-based devices, the data collected was stored on the device's memory card and only uploaded the data to the system when personnel returned to the office.

Due to the DOS device did not support the troubleshooting mechanism and when encountering any technical issues with the device, the user had to send the defective device back to the HQ office in Tokyo for troubleshooting or repair, which was a high cost, low efficiency process. The IT manager found a solution provided by a well-known telecom company to fulfill their requirements in device management and upload their data to the cloud-based storage. Yet, due to the solution offered during the pilot test, the user needed to hold the pad device in one hand and the barcode scanner with his other hand simultaneously while doing the inventory management, which was very cumbersome and a definite inconvenience. Another drawback was that the screen of the pad device was easily damaged and expensive to repair.

To meet the requirements the store was looking for, CipherLab proposed an integrated solution of their RS35 device supported by CipherLab's software, ReMoCloud, which is a remote device management tool to efficiently manage configurations. The RS35 features a 5.5" large touch screen that allows users to see relevant information clearly. It also comes with Google Mobile Service (GMS), which allows users to start working immediately without any additional special training needed. Also, certified by Google, the RS35 strictly complies with of the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) rule so that users will not need to worry that the device will be damaged easily or require a costly repair. With the reliable connections of the RS35, personnel is able to upload data instantly through a stable Wi-Fi connection inside stores as well as using a 4G connection for external warehouses in data transmission and voice calls. Nevertheless, with the features of ReMoCloud, IT managers can deploy the devices at once and monitor the status of each device as well as use the Remote Desktop for troubleshooting the defective devices to reduce the time and cost of sending them back to the head office.

The implementation of the RS35 with ReMoCloud has resulted in an outstanding performance in a wide array of tasks, such as goods receiving, ordering, and stocktaking. The store plans to deploy this solution to other stores to increase the staff's overall productivity and efficiency.

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