Solution 14

Breakthrough for In-Store Retail Technology! Swiss Discounter

Denner is one of the leading retailers in Switzerland. The company sells in about 600 mid-size outlets brand products (75%) and own labels (25%) at discount prices. In 2002 Denner launches a new strategy "New Denner". From the review of business process, In-Store technology to the new design of outlet, everything was changed to a modern, state of art retail business structure. One of the major goals was to achieve the most efficient store processes that suit a discount environment. All business activities had to be faster, transportation and cost effective. IT systems had to meet thefollowing requirements:

• Easy structure, ease of use
• Sustain high productive store processes
• Reflect full flexibility, specially for dynamic price changes
• Support cost leadership for discount business

At the same time customer service and customer support had to be improved and centralized logistics structures integrated. The project started therefore where it was most visible for the customer: From a complete New POS system, In-Store scanning projects to a new merchandize management system.

Innovation for Scanning Processes
The goals of the concept "New Denner" were so challenging that the realization had to be done with innovation. Dataphone suggested a system with following benefits:

• All employees to the shop floor! All processes for till, administration and Merchandise Management tasks have to be executed interactively on the shop floor. The separate back office with its entire infrastructure is eliminated. All employees work directly with the customers or where the task is happening. No more time is used for unproductive jobs.
• Shop floor compatible back office: The "easy to use" touch screens of the tills are used for all back office tasks.• Radical minimization of Total Cost of Ownership: Universal use of hardware minimizes amount of boxes, limits interfaces, cables and connectors, and has the lowest rate of failure.
• Store solution Autonomous and highly integrated: Application and Data are in a highly integrated and autonomous systems. The store solution is implemented fast and has no restriction to systems which will be implemented in the future. The risks for the critical replacement of the ERP system are minimized.

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