Retail Group Significantly Increases Efficiency in Stock Checks and Price Checks with CipherLab's RK25

Solution for Retail Receiving, Stock Checks, and Price Checks

Established in 2005 in Thailand, this expansive retail enterprise has been a key player in providing an extensive range of products, services, and consumer goods, all offered at reasonable prices. Operating in three different store formats, the company has experienced significant growth, now boasting a presence in over 1000 branches across 42 provinces, covering 5 regions of Thailand. Undoubtedly, the commitment to continuous expansion demonstrates their strong dedication.

Regularly checking stocks is crucial for retailers, playing a key role in maintaining accurate inventory levels and ensuring products are always available for customers. This practice is essential for creating organized and customer-friendly retail spaces. The retail group has intelligently incorporated mobile computers into their routine for tasks like receiving, stock checks, and price checks, aiming to make these processes much more efficient.

Challenges Faced by the Retail Group

However, a challenge arose when the original devices couldn't read barcodes through the glass doors of refrigerators where beverages and refrigerated items are stored. Consequently, clerks found themselves repeatedly opening refrigerator doors during stock checks and price checks, causing fluctuations in storage temperatures, increased electricity consumption, and extended working time.

Resolving MDM Issues and Increasing Efficiency with the RK25

Recognizing the need to replace the original mobile computer they were using, the retail group prioritized the integration of CipherLab's RK25 rugged mobile computer. The main attraction of the RK25, equipped with the standard-range scan engine, enables the decoding of barcodes through glass doors without the necessity of constant door manipulation. This advancement not only preserves the freshness of beverages and frozen items but also leads to energy savings and improved work efficiency.

Another factor that influenced the retail group's choice to adopt CipherLab's RK25 was the overheating issues experienced when running the MDM (Mobile Device Management) they were originally using on the RK25 devices. This issue resulted in sluggish app performance and rapid battery depletion. In response, CipherLab recommended implementing ReMoCloud, CipherLab's in-house-developed MDM solution, which has proven to be a stable option. Its push notification functionality seamlessly aligns with the specific requirements outlined by the company. Additionally, the inclusion of a rubber boot provides an additional layer of protection to the device's screen.

Introducing the RK25 for Retail Applications

Presently, CipherLab's numeric-keypad RK25 rugged mobile computer has been seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of this retail company in Thailand. Its versatile application spans tasks such as receiving, stock checks, and price checks, showcasing the device's adaptability and efficiency within the retail environment. The introduction of CipherLab's RK25 rugged mobile computer not only addresses specific challenges faced by the retail group but also contributes to an overall enhancement of their operational workflows.