Solution 6

CipherLab 8001 manages all the details for Nielsen

Nielsen is one of the leading research companies in the world. They provide various research services, mostly for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), which provide retailers and manufacturers market analysis for product development and related business decisions. Research and market information provided by Nielsen include: Consumer Panel Service (CPS), Retail Audit, TV rating, BASES, etc.

Manual data collection requires lots of time and effort
Consumer Panel Service collects data on consumer household purchases. This data becomes the basis for a total market projection of value and volume, and provides market information for FMCG manufacturers to make valid business decisions.

Nielsen selects sample households that meet required criteria. In developing countries, they mail the chosen households a diary to record grocery purchases. The diary is returned to Nielsen for data input and processing weekly by door-to-door collection or post.

However, diary printing, delivery, collection, and data entry are time-consuming, costly and error-prone. Data collection and processing incur additional expenses such as office space, computers, printers, staff, and supervisors. Moreover, manual data input can result in data inaccuracy. Nielsen staff could incorrectly input diary information because of illegible handwriting or typing errors. In addition, sample households could skip, forget, or incorrectly record purchase information.

To speed data collection and save costs, Nielsen chose CipherLab 8001 to replace manual data collection. CipherLab offers a total data solution, including custom hardware and programming for devices using a variety of communication modes. Now, sample households quickly scan the UPC barcodes on their purchases using a CipherLab 8001 programmed with an easy user interface. The data is transmitted to Nielsen via phone line, Internet, or GSM/GPRS. Software has been developed for Nielsen use worldwide and can be updated on-line without user involvement. Other types of market surveys can be deployed easily.

Since the launch in 2004, nearly 70,000 units have been installed in over nine countries around the world.

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