From Supply Chain to Stores: CipherLab Facilitates France's Retail Group's Logistics Dispatch to 700+ Stores

From Supply Chain to Stores: CipherLab Facilitates France's Retail Group's Logistics Dispatch to 700+ Stores

Established in 1932, the retail group proudly operates more than 700 physical stores across France, alongside an extensive online presence and 11 distribution centers equipped with a delivery fleet. Furthermore, it has successfully expanded its operations by opening stores in the Middle East and several African nations.

The retail group's nationwide distribution centers meticulously receive and dispatch thousands of cartons of goods from suppliers to individual stores. This involves multiple stages of handling, strict adherence to hygiene regulations, and oversight by a dedicated quality check department.

Challenges in Urban Distribution Centers
The retail group has over 11 distribution centers handling goods from the manufacturer's or producer's site. These goods are packed into various transportation modes such as delivery trucks, trains, or planes, bound for the distribution centers, making the receiving process complicated.

On average, the distribution centers receive more than 750 pallets overnight, which are unloaded, scanned, cross-docked, and stocked during the night. The next morning, goods must leave the distribution centers to ensure timely fulfillment of online orders while satisfying the stock of brick-and-mortar stores.

These urban distribution centers play an essential role in receiving, cross-docking, picking, and shipping while following food processing guidelines.

Time and data correctness are two significant factors in this workflow.

Speed up the Cross-docking and Picking Process
The user upgraded to the RS35 touch mobile computer from the reliable CipherLab 9700 series after 5 years due to increasing handling volume. Opting for the RS35 with a pistol trigger aimed to enhance speed and accuracy in pallet scanning, staging, picking, and cross-docking, consequently reducing time spent in low-temperature warehouses.

After switching to the RS35 series, the user experienced immediate usability enhancements. The large screen improves visibility and accommodates gloved touch, which is crucial for workers in low-temperature environments

Furthermore, following its adoption, the RS35 is remarkably lighter, significantly enhancing the experience of frontline workers during long shifts lasting 10 to 12 hours.

With the RS35's lighter build, workers can now maneuver and operate the device with greater ease and comfort, contributing to increased productivity and overall job satisfaction.

On-site Support and Device optimization
The retail group greatly values the RS35's extended battery life, which eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, saving valuable time on-site.

During visits to the distribution centers with our partners, CipherLab identified opportunities to further optimize the RS35's operating hours for even longer use. This provides additional benefits such as increased productivity and extended device lifespan.

Enhancing Receiving Efficiency with UHF RFID Reader
In addition to the RS35, the retail group has integrated CipherLab's RK25 rugged mobile computers equipped with a UHF reader into its processes.

The RK25 plays a pivotal role in barcode and UHF RFID scanning, especially for receiving and label creation. It significantly enhances overall efficiency in receiving and picking procedures by maximizing hourly handling volumes.

Enhanced Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
The adoption of CipherLab's RS35 touch mobile computers and RK25 rugged mobile computers equipped with a UHF reader has proven instrumental. The RS35's upgrade has led to immediate usability enhancements, including improved speed, accuracy, and comfort for frontline workers during long shifts. Moreover, the RK25's integration has significantly boosted efficiency in receiving and picking procedures, maximizing hourly handling volumes.

With on-site support and device optimization, the retail group is poised to streamline its operations further, ensuring continued success in meeting customer demands while maintaining high standards of quality and service.