Solution 8

Ugo Foods Selects CipherLab to Serve Up the Pasta

For over 75 years, the Ugo family has supplied fresh pasta and noodles to the U.K.'s top supermarkets with the enthusiasm and dedication necessary for delivering the highest possible quality. When it came time for the company to upgrade its logistics system, it turned to CipherLab authorized reseller, Barcode ConneXions. It posed many demanding challenges, ranging from hardware that needed to operate in temperatures as low as -5 degrees C to multiple storage sites. Barcode ConneXions' resulting solution uses CipherLab's 8001 Wireless Portable Terminals to help Ugo Foods control the manufacturing process, from raw goods to product delivery.

CipherLab's 8001 wireless portable data collection terminals are the heart of the Ugo Foods' logistics system. They are stored in recharge cradles at the loading docks and in the production areas to ensure they are always ready for use. Initially, at goods inward, the 8001 terminals record raw materials storage in chillers with temperatures as low as -5 degrees C. The data is downloaded into the main computer system, where Ugo Foods can then track and trace all of the raw materials needed for production. Automatic reorders are generated when minimum levels are reached.

The first step of the manufacturing process is a system-generated bill of materials. As ingredients and supplies are drawn out of stock, the 8001 records the quantity and location and matches that information to the bill of materials. This enables Ugo Foods to rotate its raw supplies and maintain its top quality production regimen.

When manufacturing is completed, the 8001 records the quantity of finished goods and their storage locations. The pasta is then packaged to meet individual customer specifications through picking instructions, which are downloaded to the portable terminals to ensure the correct products are selected and pulled from the proper locations. The 8001 reads the finished product barcodes and compares them to its downloaded data; only when both are correct are the goods issued for dispatch. The information is then relayed as a file integrated into the company's accounting software so that highly accurate customer invoices are generated and sent.

About the CPT-8001 Wireless Portable Terminal
The robust CipherLab 8001 portable terminals are ideal for warehouse, distribution, retail and field service deployments. The units, which can be ordered as either laser or linear scanners, offer a ruggedized design that meets industry drop standards, as well as a backlit display, small hand-held form factor and over 100 hours of battery operation for reliability in the most demanding settings.

Download pdf: Ugo Foods Selects CipherLab to Serve Up the Pasta