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9400 Maximizes Farm Management Inspection

Established in 1983 in Guangdong, Wen's Food Group operates more than 30 branches of poultry, swine and cattle breeding farms, supplying meat product to over 20 provinces throughout China. Well known for its unique cooperative business model, Wen's Food Group provides biosecurity, animal health, feed and nutrition research, as well as equipment management and marketing services to farmers within their cooperative network. When animals are ready, Wen's Food Group buys them from their cooperative farmers and distributes to the market.

Wen's Food Group cooperative farms are inspected to ensure proper farm conditions and food safety, as well as to record practices or conditions needing correction. Responsible for more than 40 poultry farms or 100 swine farms, field inspectors were documenting reports with a manual, error-prone paper system. Tracking the productivity of each inspector and dispatch efficiency was not possible.

Wen's deployed CipherLab 9400 industrial mobile computers with RFID readers and camera. They chose the 9400 for its IP64 ruggedness in harsh environments, and the bright, easy-to-read 3.5" screen display.

Each inspector is now assigned a 9400 running Wen's Food Group standard inspection software. The inspection task list is displayed on the 9400's large VGA screen, guiding inspectors through the assessment process step by step. Farmer ID badges are scanned, pictures of site conditions are captured, and the inspector's notes are recorded directly to the device. Once inspectors return to the office, completed reports are uploaded to Wen's Food Group database through a wireless LAN connection. The 9400 delivers timely, efficient, and accurate report results to Wen's Food Group farm management.

About the CipherLab 9400 Series Industrial Mobile Computer
The CipherLab 9400 supports Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0, and is designed to simplify the tasks of those working in the retail, logistics, warehouse, transportation and field sales/services industries. A powerful yet user-friendly mobile computer, the 9400 is compliant with all popular wireless communications platforms and delivers industry-leading features such as a built-in digital camera, multi-form data input (touch screen or keyboard) and the ability to read and write RFID tags. It leads the industry in impact standards - an important consideration for the warehouse or field use environment.

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