CipherLab's RS35 Integrated Infrared Thermometer Helps Taiwan's Leading 3PL to Optimize Cold Chain Logistics Operations

Cold Chain Logistics Solution

As a leading brand of 3PL in cold chain logistics in Taiwan, this company owns a fleet of 350 trucks and 13 warehouses. It has extensive experience and services in B2B/B2C warehousing and transportation. Today, the company continues to expand into fresh food e-commerce services.

Traceability and temperature monitoring have become critical to maintaining product quality throughout the delivery process. The company, a key player in the last mile of temperature-controlled supply chains, makes every effort to ensure that perishable foods and temperature-sensitive goods are delivered to their destinations on time and at the right temperature. Certain shipping goods such as fresh foods, chemical products, and pharmaceuticals, have a high chance to be sensitive to a rise and fall in temperatures throughout the global supply chain, so the cold logistics company must take responsibility for maintaining the optimum temperature.

Basically, temperature indicators for storing and shipping are either attached to temperature-sensitive products or pallets, or further installed in a truck or shipping container. Previously, the company used a thermometer gun and a competitor's mobile computer to manually measure the temperature of goods at distribution centers and endpoints. Thus, the driver must carry both a thermometer gun and a mobile computer with him all the time. Additionally, temperature numbers are manually entered into mobile computers to update monitoring records, creating inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Drivers are reluctant to continually use their equipment to perform this job. Without full integration, the required temperature can easily be missed during shipping at the final point, leading to inevitable economic losses in product quality and value.

The cold logistics company leadership sought to improve customer service, reduce operating costs and drivers' hard work through more simplified, safe and efficient handling procedures. The integrated service provider thus provided the company with CipherLab's RS35 Touch Mobile Computer equipped with a thermometer, making it easy to meet their needs.

Designing high-performance and efficient mobile solutions with an integrated compact thermometer, CipherLab's RS35 Touch Mobile Computer leads the way in consolidating computing power and temperature measurement into one device, providing clear tracking visibility of temperature fluctuations and an easy-to-use communication platform.

For simplicity, the solution incorporates an exclusively-developed app and a thermometer to take real-time temperature readings. Using this, drivers can now use the same device to measure temperatures, and then capture sharp images. Those temperature readings can automatically be added to the related photos as evidence for digital forensics.

Overall, the solution enables the company to run their cold chain logistics more smoothly, efficiently, and enhances its customers' trust and business values.

Different types of cold chain environments require different equipment for varied applications. Inventory management and product traceability in the cold chain processes require an efficient and rapid response. CipherLab offers a cold chain portfolio in its reliable RK95 Cold Storage Series mobile computer, guaranteeing excellent performance and the ability to transmit data to and fro between cold and warm zones.