Solution 7

Germany's top 3 kitchen manufacturer NOLTE has realized barcode driven deliveries with nearly zero faults

A ready to go truck is full of parcels - every parcel contains a piece of furniture. Cabinets, work disks, faceplates or just accessories - one order has up to 70 different positions. And there are several orders to different destinations on one truck. A perfect organization is necessary to manage the 35 trucks leaving the factory every day to locations all over Germany to bring those goods to integrators of kitchens.

The core of the new system is a TOUGHBOOK PC holding all information about destinations and orders of the day. The software shows all items by a combination of order and article number. This creates an identity to every item on every order. The same number is on a barcode label at the item.

After the truck stops at a destination the employees start the delivery software. They login to the order and also automatically start a telnet session to a CPT-8370 in WiFi-Adhoc mode. While unloading the goods they are guided by the software screen to take the appropriate goods and they have to confirm by barcode scanning. Because there are several different instructions given to the workers, it was necessary to enable the 8370 VT client to react on specific commands for LED and buzzer. "Just a GOOD and a BAD beep haven't been enough for this application."

Mr. Böhnke, project manager at NOLTE said. "We did need more sophisticated acoustic messages and we've got what we wanted from AISCI with the strong help of the manufacturer CipherLab."

Theoretically it would be possible to let the 8370 play a melody or let the LEDs flash very differentiated - all driven by ESC-Sequences via telnet session.

Peter Ciolkowski, project manager at AISCI, remembers: "It took some days to get the total solution from the CipherLab colleagues and also the performance of the XP terminal server gave us a hard time, but at the end with input, help and solution from CipherLab we could fulfill the customer's requirements and we've got the order for 35 units."

Today NOLTE supplies their customers on time with nearly zero faults. Those days are gone where a truck had to drive back to a location to pick up goods and bring them then to the right destination. Also it is not possible any longer to forget to unload all items because the software doesn't let logout the workers until all barcodes have been scanned.

Download pdf: Germany's top 3 kitchen manufacturer NOLTE has realized barcode driven deliveries with nearly zero faults