Enhancing E-commerce Logistics Efficiency with CipherLab's RS35 and UHF RFID Solution

UHF RFID Solution

As one of the leading multinational e-commerce platforms, this company has achieved remarkable success in the competitive world of online retail. Founded in Singapore in 2015, this company quickly expanded its operations globally, becoming the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia with an extensive presence in East Asia and Latin America. With a model combining C2C and B2C services, this company serves millions of monthly visitors and provides a platform for individuals and businesses to engage in online buying and selling.

To support their operations in Taiwan, this company operates two distribution centers located in Taoyuan and Chiayi. Additionally, this company has expanded its reach by opening over 1,300 physical stores across Taiwan, offering a unique "store-to-store" parcel service.

Despite its success, the company faced challenges related to their delivery operations. Customers began expressing dissatisfaction with the increasing delay in receiving their parcels, resulting in a slower delivery lead time compared to previous experiences. The company took this feedback seriously and started identifying the root causes of the issue. Through feedback from customers, operators, and store clerks, two key pain points emerged: the slow speed of receiving goods and poor logistics box management.

The company recognized that their logistics operations were being obstructed by two main factors. Firstly, the process of receiving goods was slow, causing delays in the overall delivery timeline. Secondly, poor logistics box management resulted in a shortage of available boxes in their stores. These issues were particularly obvious in their distribution centers, where logistics trucks would often wait at the docks for goods to be loaded. Besides that, drivers faced the considerable task of manually scanning QR codes on piles of logistics boxes one-by-one using their smartphones.

To overcome these challenges, the company was introduced by a trusted technology solutions provider to CipherLab. CipherLab proposed the implementation of the RS35 Touch Mobile Computer and UHF RFID reader . Before adopting CipherLab's solution, drivers relied on smartphones to scan QR codes on logistics boxes, a process that took approximately 7.5 minutes per run. However, with the introduction of the RS35 mobile computer and UHF RFID reader , drivers could now scan the RFID tags on all the logistics boxes in under 10 seconds. This remarkable improvement resulted in a 97.7% efficiency enhancement. Therefore, trucks no longer needed to wait at the dock for loading goods, streamlining the entire logistics process.

This company’s decision to choose CipherLab was influenced by multiple factors. Firstly, a trusted partner recommended CipherLab as a reliable solution provider. However, what truly impressed this company was CipherLab's agile support throughout the integration process. Whether it was on-site integration tests or app development, CipherLab consistently demonstrated our commitment to providing exceptional service. Thus, the company was delighted with the level of support and expertise offered by CipherLab.

Through the implementation of CipherLab’s RS35 Touch Mobile Computer and UHF RFID reader , this company successfully solved the issues that were hindering their logistics operations and improved their delivery efficiency. The implementation of CipherLab’s solution resulted in faster scanning times, eliminated waiting periods at the docks, and enhanced overall logistics management.