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Identifying Patients

Identifying Patients

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The hospital wristband is the one key constant with patients. It goes with them everywhere. And wherever it appears, CipherLab scanners and mobile computers enable clinical personnel to track the patient's movement, care received, and current condition, simply by scanning the wristband barcode.

As patients move from the main entrance to the patient floors, operating theaters, and anywhere else health services help get them back to their normal lives, CipherLab handheld scanners and terminals are there. Our scanners or mobile computers , linked to the Hospital Information System, reduce paperwork and improve accuracy and efficiency. Doctors and nurses can find where their patients are at any moment, check their records for vital signs measured, therapy sessions completed, and drugs dispensed, and note the latest improvements. Simply by scanning a barcode on the patient's wristband or file.

CipherLab handheld scanners and mobile computers enable fast, accurate patient identification and records management wherever patients are located.

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