Tracking Lab Tests

Tracking Lab Tests

When it comes to lab tests and patients, nothing could be more important than accurately connecting the two. That's why there's so much effort put into records and lab test management. It's a key area in healthcare where barcoding is used extensively. And it's where CipherLab handheld scanners or mobile computers can make such a difference.

Our products help ensure the accuracy of lab test tracking, from the point of specimen collection to updating patient records with results. Scanning eliminates errors from manual data entry and accelerates records management by fast, accurate scanning of barcodes on lab sheets, patient files, wristbands, and specimen containers.

When specimens are collected at the bedside or if the patient isn't ambulatory, wireless-enabled scanners or mobile computers bring the scanning technology to the patient. Barcodes on the patient's wristband and lab sheet allow technicians to quickly and accurately capture both patient identification and lab information. The Hospital Information System connects them in the patient and lab records. In the lab, wired scanners make fast capture of specimen barcodes, eliminating time-consuming manual entry.

Accuracy, efficiency, and speed from automated data capture with CipherLab products mean the right results for the right patient reach clinicians faster, enabling better decisions about care.

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