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Tool Cage

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Like your employees, your tools and equipment are critical to your production processes. They need to be in the right place at the right time to be of the highest value. And whether a tool is on the production line, in repair, or out of service, knowing where it is gives you better control over your valuable business assets. CipherLab mobile computers and scanners integrated with your asset tracking system enable you to stay on top of your tools and equipment.

A CipherLab wired or Bluetooth® scanner in the tool cage eliminates time-consuming paperwork. As tools are requested and returned, scanning them instantly logs movement out of and into the tool cage's electronic records. On the production floor and loading docks, a wireless LAN-enabled mobile computer can read tool and equipment barcode labels or interrogate RFID tags for audits, maintenance scheduling, and other tracking purposes. CipherLab products with your asset management system save paperwork, time, and associated costs in tracking, maintaining, and accounting for your tools and equipment.

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