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Access Control in Manufacturing

Access Control in Manufacturing

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In today's world markets, a company's competitive advantage is what can lead to success. And competitive advantage is all about managing access - to intellectual property, engineering labs, sales accounts, business financials, and a host of other information. Security systems can be found in most companies around the world. Access is typically granted through keypads and employee badges with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or RFID tags.CipherLab magnetic and barcode readers and keypads excel in these applications.

Readers usually react in real time, sending and receiving security data and waiting for access permissions to be granted. This makes it easy for security administrators to keep security privileges up to date on servers and remote, programmable devices, like the keypad terminal. Where secure access includes a guard scanning RFID tags or barcodes, a wireless LAN enabled CipherLab scanner or mobile computer gives the guard mobility while the company maintains its high security

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