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Labor Tracking

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Much - if not most - of cost of goods consists of labor. And it's often the most expensive part of the manufacturing line. So careful tracking of workers' time and attendance as they arrive and leave, and throughout their work tasks, can result in critical cost savings and more efficient processes. For example, when an operator has to stop his machine to move to a station keypad terminal or card reader to record a task completed, it can reduce efficiency and increase costs.

CipherLab magnetic readers, time and attendance terminals, and mobile computers with both barcode readers or RFID interrogation integrate into daily activities to help keep work efficient. CipherLab magnetic stripe readers integrated with time and attendance solutions read employee badges to track punch in and out. With a CipherLab keypad terminal or scanner at each workstation, employees can quickly enter employee ID and task information, which is instantly sent to system servers. RFID tags or barcodes in employee badges eliminate hand entry and swiping. Mobile workers using wireless LAN enabled CipherLab mobile computers with a built-in RFID reader can record their activities on the spot and keep production data current.

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