Solution 2

9400 Improves Field Service Tasks

The Guiyang Power Company serves 1.2 million households in 15 districts and cities in the southwest province of Guizhou, from the provincial capital, Guiyang.

Electrical meter readings were error-ridden and time-consuming with a manual, paper-based management system. The company's financial performance was even compromised when their payment system failed to accommodate account receivable procedures for outlying areas where service operators could not visit.

To improve operations, Guiyang Power Company chose CipherLab 9400 industrial mobile computers with GSM/GPRS module, portable BT printer and a credit/debit card slot reader. Field service operators now capture usage and billing data and transmit to the central office, updating information in real-time.

Equipped with a 9400, operators collect electricity usage by first reading an RFID tag in the meter. An automated picking solution helps minimize mistakes, improve efficiency, and accelerate revenue generation. If payment is due, a message alert is sent to the remote 9400. Payment can be collected and paid on site with cash or credit/debit card, and a receipt printed using the portable BT printer.

About the CipherLab 9400 Series Industrial Mobile Computer
The CipherLab 9400 supports Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0, and is designed to simplify the tasks of those working in the retail, logistics, warehouse, transportation and field sales/services industries. A powerful yet user-friendly mobile computer, the 9400 is compliant with all popular wireless communications platforms and delivers industry-leading features such as a built-in digital camera, multi-form data input (touch screen or keyboard) and the ability to read and write RFID tags. It leads the industry in impact standards - an important consideration for the warehouse or field use environment.

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