Solution 1

DoDoHome Consolidates Data Capture with the 9400

DoDoHome is a business unit of Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery MFG Corp. specializing in system integration of automatic parking management, primarily to government agencies. In order to efficiently manage parking space and generate revenues to support operations, Taoyuan county, in Taiwan, government outsources curb-parking management to third parties.

The parking meter attendants previously carried a PDA, a digital camera and a portable BT printer for car ticketing. After they tapped in plate number, car model, and curb number, they printed a parking ticket. They placed the ticket under the car's windshield wipers, then took a photo. Since the photos and ticketing information were stored in two devices, the person doing data consolidation had to synchronize the files, causing time delays and numerous errors.

DoDoHome chose the 9400 with camera for parking curb management. The 9400 is rated IP64 with 1.5-meter drop resistance, and the 3.5" bright transflective display is ideal for outdoor use. The miniSD slot supports up to 4GB data memory to accommodate a day's worth of data and photos. DoDoHome integrated the photo taking function into the application software, so now the operators only need to carry a 9400 mobile computer and BT portable printer. The new solution instantly accelerated the ticketing process, streamlining timely payments and increasing efficiency while eliminating errors.

About the CipherLab 9400 Series Industrial Mobile Computer
The CipherLab 9400 supports Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0, and is designed to simplify the tasks of those working in the retail, logistics, warehouse, transportation and field sales/services industries. A powerful yet user-friendly mobile computer, the 9400 is compliant with all popular wireless communications platforms and delivers industry-leading features such as a built-in digital camera, multi-form data input (touch screen or keyboard) and the ability to read and write RFID tags. It leads the industry in impact standards - an important consideration for the warehouse or field use environment.

Download pdf: DoDoHome Consolidates Data Capture with the 9400