CipherLab Connection | May 2021


CipherLab Connection | May 2021
CipherLab Connection
|May 2021

Company Providing Total Solutions for Cold Chain Logistics Services Adopts CipherLab's RK95 for Warehouse Operations
User Scenario
Company Providing Total Solutions for Cold Chain Logistics Services Adopts CipherLab's RK95 for Warehouse Operations

When it comes to the leading third-party logistics companies that provide total solutions for cold chain services in Taiwan, this company is definitely high on the list. Over the past thirty years, this company has integrated storage with transportation, introduced intelligent technology to its services, and innovated operation management to gradually develop an all-around cold chain scale including logistics centers, logistics parks, and omni-channel distribution. At the same time, this company values renewable energy and environmental protection through resource integration to fulfill its social responsibilities. It's current focus is on B2B cold chain logistics services and providing all-channel distribution that covers outlets such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, e-commerce, catering, restaurants, and distribution channels, just to name a few.

Company Providing Total Solutions for Cold Chain Logistics Services Adopts CipherLab's RK95 for Warehouse Operations
In order to offer the appropriate logistics solutions, several techniques, different technologies, and devices are necessary. Before using the CipherLab RK95 cold chain mobile computer, the company 

was using a more basic model from another brand to conduct warehouse operations. However, issues such as a short battery run time, hard-to-capture barcodes, a water-eroded motherboard, and case embrittlement gradually emerged as operators shuttled back and forth between piers, low-temperature warehouses, and cold chain warehouses.


To streamline the work processes, the company decided to replace that mobile computer with a more specialized cold storage one that could endure work temperatures ranging from -25°C to 30°C. CipherLab's RK95 series consists of two kinds of models, one of which is specially designed for cold chain environments. Firstly, this RK95 cold chain mobile computer is made with anti-freezing materials to prevent potential damage caused by low temperatures. Secondly, there is a thermostat inside the device that can automatically defog the touch panel, scan engine, and motherboard to prevent the device from erosion caused by water vapor brought on by temperature differences. Last but not least, the RK95 cold chain model is equipped with an anti-freezing battery, which supports 6 to 8 hours of power at low temperatures, providing enough run time for daily warehousing operations.

Company Providing Total Solutions for Cold Chain Logistics Services Adopts CipherLab's RK95 for Warehouse Operations
The RK95 series also offers a variety of reader options, such as laser, 2D imager, mid-range 2D imager, and extended-range 2D imager. The company eventually chose the RK95 cold chain mobile computers equipped with a mid-range scan engine because it would be ideal for scanning at longer ranges, enabling operators to be more 

efficient at work. The ergonomic design of the pistol also helps ease the arm discomfort many operators often deal with. Taking everything into consideration, the CIpherLab RK95 cold chain model is undoubtedly the top choice for any warehouse in the industry.


To learn more about the RK95 cold chain mobile computer, please visit our website:

Sotfware Resources
Introduction of New ADC and WMDS Functions
Introduction of New ADC and WMDS Functions
In this issue, we are going to introduce more upcoming functions for both ADC and WMDS. ADC is a deployment tool. IT managers can now make appropriate settings on ADC and deploy all those utilities and settings on Android devices via 3 methods: BarcodeToSetting, USB, and SD card. These utilities and settings will help

workers be more productive and efficient at work. WMDS is a management tool which IT managers could use to remotely manage and monitor a device's status, such as its battery status. They can also receive device information such as SN/OS version, connection timestamp, boot timestamp, serial number and more.


With these new functions, the management of mobile devices will be easier for IT managers. Remote Install App/Uninstall App, it simplifies the process of installing/uninstalling Apps on mobile devices. The File Upload/Download/Delete function will save the device administrator’s time. They will no longer need to physically retrieve the device in order to solve the problem. Device administrators can now upload, download, or delete required log files to software developing personnel to do further analysis. Thus, eliminating the need to actually have to retrieve the device in order to solve the problem, which would in turn saves time, and allows problems to be solved more quickly and efficiently. Also, the Device Deployment Status Report allows mobile device administrators to output data easily for further management usage. They can simply export a status report with the required information.


Learn more about ADC/WMDS here:

Highlights of the Month
The First In-person Trade Show after Pandemic

CipherLab is honored to participate in the Southeast Petro-Food Expo 2021 at Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on May 20 and 21. This two-day trade show features the latest in retail and petroleum technology and marketing, educational seminars. CipherLab demonstrated our RS35 Touch Mobile Computer for convenience and fuel retailing and also showed other three AER-certified devices: RK95, RK25 and RS51 rugged touch mobile computers for retail applications.

Corporate Spanish Site is ready

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our Spanish website This is to provide our Spanish-speaking visitors to know more about CipherLab. Our current and prospective clients will find useful information about our services and useful solutions in this website.

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