CipherLab Connection | April 2021


CipherLab Connection | April 2021
CipherLab Connection
| April 2021

Footwear Manufacturer Replaced Its Handheld Devices with CipherLab RK95 and RK25 for Better User Experience and Quick Customer Service Support
User Scenario
Footwear Manufacturer Replaced Its Handheld Devices with CipherLab RK95 and RK25 for Better User Experience and Quick Customer Service Support

A leading footwear company having its operations in India, uses CipherLab RK95 and RK25 in its warehouses to optimize their operation. The footwear manufacturer serves more than a thousand customers per day, operates more than 3,000 shops, and manages over 10 production facilities. It has a retail presence in over 50 countries across the five continents, and has few factories and tanneries in India.

The RS35 Mobile Computers has Greatly Enhanced the Productivity for Inbound and Outbound Logistics in the Warehouse
Originally, the footwear manufacturer used other handheld devices for WMS operation and PI audit purposes. However, the manufacturer had some problems while using these handheld devices, such as  

having a display screen that was not big enough, reporting numerous pistol grip and damaged screen incidents, and receiving many complaints and its hard to depress pistol and non-removable battery. With all these issues being reported and receiving typically negative user experience feedback, the manufacturer decided to look for an alternate handheld device solution: screen size, ergonomic design, quick service support and mobile device management solution for efficient deployment being some of the top requirements.


The two models that they deployed were what CipherLab designed specifically for warehousing environment. The RK95, an industrial mobile computer, is a powerful handheld terminal that steps up the data collection game in warehouse environments. It provides users multiple keypad options and intensive scanning usage with versatile reader options. RK95 not only fulfills traditional users’ legacy warehouse applications but also offers new applications for both indoor to outdoor use. RK25 is perfect for those environments requiring a big volume of data collection and entry, such as retailing, light warehousing and field mobility. It is equipped with numeric keypads to fulfill diverse user behaviors, especially for those who are used to non-visual data entry operation, working in rugged outdoor conditions, and need custom configured buttons.


Aside from the aforementioned hardware solutions, CipherLab provides the best options to users to help them efficiently manage the devices that they buy and invest in. The mobile device management solution that CipherLab offers makes any device management personnel’s life a lot easier. For example, its OTA upgrade mechanism provides considerable convenience, and ReMoCloud ensures easier device manageability across multiple locations.


To know more about RK95 and RK25, please visit our website

Highlights of the Month
2021 TransRussia
2021 TransRussia

It was very honoured to demonstrate CipherLab's latest AIDC solutions at TransRussia, the largest exhibition for transport and logistics services, warehouse equipment and technologies in Russia on April 12 in Moscow Russia. CipherLab showcased the AER products in RK95, RS35, RK25 and RS51 series to the working processes in warehousing, retail and T&L applications. In this event, CipherLab's mobile solution was used for checking visitors and built-in scanners at the entrace gates. We thanked the great opportunity to present our listing products and services to those visitors came to our booth.

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