CipherLab Connection | March 2021


CipherLab Connection | March 2021
CipherLab Connection
| March 2021

The RS35 Mobile Computers has Greatly Enhanced the Productivity for Inbound and Outbound Logistics in the Warehouse
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The RS35 Mobile Computers has Greatly Enhanced the Productivity for Inbound and Outbound Logistics in the Warehouse
The RS35 Mobile Computers has Greatly Enhanced the Productivity for Inbound and Outbound Logistics in the Warehouse
Offering a broad range of supply chain solutions from integrated logistics and international freight forwarding to cross-border e-commerce and last-mile fulfillment, this logistics group is based in Asia and features a

highly diversified business portfolio and strong coverage both in Asia and globally with presence in nearly 60 countries.


In addition to having used CipherLab’s 1564A wireless Bluetooth handheld 2D barcode scanners for a long while, recently, this logistics group has gone further choosing CipherLab's RS35 touch mobile computers to replace its old mobile computers from another brand. To better cope with inbound logistics covering the transportation and storage of goods coming into the warehouse, and on the outbound side containing the transport of goods leaving the warehouse, this logistics group uses the CipherLab RS35 as it resolves the problems it was facing when using other mobile computers in terms of quality and stability. With the rapid growth of logistics demands in its service location in Thailand, this company had been seeking a mobile computer with high-quality hardware and stable software to manage its growing businesses in the region until being introduced to CipherLab's RS35 touch mobile computer. One of the main reasons the AER-certified RS35 was selected over other competitors was not only because it has enterprise-class features and rugged protection, but because it has the advantage of offering updated security patches for consistently for up to five years, which was essential to the company's devices remaining stable and secure.

The RS35 Mobile Computers has Greatly Enhanced the Productivity for Inbound and Outbound Logistics in the Warehouse
We are thrilled to receive excellent feedback from this customer regarding the fact that the RS35 mobile computers have helped the staff increase productivity as they do not need to waste time swapping handheld scanners because the scanning 

function has been integrated into the mobile computer. Besides that, they reported that the stability of the RS35 allows the flow of their work to be relatively smooth and trouble-free. The advanced reader engine of the CipherLab RS35 touch mobile computer gives them the ultimate in scanning performance, flexibility, and reliability.


To learn more about the RS35 touch mobile computer, please visit the following site:

Software Resources
New Features are on the Way for CipherLab's ADC/WMDS
ADC/WMDS is designed to provide mobile computer administrators different options to manage configurations efficiently. In order to make it more useful and bring more convenience to administrators, CipherLab has consolidated users’ opinions and is planning to publish several useful functions 

that should fulfill administrators’ needs in deployment, management, and monitoring. Functions will be released on a quarterly basis. 


There are four functions that will be released in Q1: 1) Device Deployment Scheduling will allow device administrators to plan and schedule for any upcoming deployment. There will be no need to use up all of one's valuable working time any longer. Productivity will be increased, and there won't be any more idle time waiting for the device to arrive. Also, there is often an information gap that results when sending out a task that isn't successfully executed on the designated mobile computer. The problem is that the failure message isn't sent to the backend, so an information gap might happen. To solve this problem, 2) a Feedback Mechanism will be added to ensure an execution result is sent to the backend so that administrators will be alerted whether further actions are needed. Another common problem is having difficulties finding your device in a large warehouse. Now, administrators can use the 3) Find Device function in which a beeping sound will be triggered and the screen will light up so administrators can easily locate the missing device. Finally, 4) Device Reboot will allow administrators to reboot devices remotely to fix problems that just need a simple reboot. This will help keep workers from accidentally damaging devices when they are asked to restart them by themselves. 
More new functions will be introduced in the next coming issues. Stay tuned. 


To learn more about ADC/WMDS, click here: 


Or, watch the following video:

Highlights of the Month
Meet Our New Team Members!
Hans Albers
CipherLab is delighted to introduce one of its newest members, Hans Albers, who has nearly 20 years experience in the AIDC industry focusing on selling Android based mobility solutions across Europe, the Middle-East, 

and Asia Pacific. Hans joined CipherLab in March 2020 as a Pre-sales Manager, and he is currently in charge of the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria (DACH).


“After one year of being part of the CipherLab family, I'm looking forward to many years to come! What is most compelling to me about CipherLab is its practical and family-like culture, with short communication lines and a quick decision making process. The clear and comprehensive product line and portfolio offering smart software solutions is definitely the reason why CipherLab plays such an important role in the market. “Hans said. 


With Hans’ strong product knowledge, background, and extensive list of connections in the industry, he has successfully brought CipherLab’s products into the market to establish more brand presence and has worked closely with our partners to solve problems using CipherLab’s solutions. Combining CipherLab’s manufacturing data collection solution with its barcode scanner is a perfect example of what he achieved in the past year. We believe together we will create more business in the future. 


Connect with Hans on LinkedIn:

Logistics of the Future in Kazan, Russia
Logistics of the Future in Kazan, Russia

CipherLab participated the Logistics of the Future Conference in Moscow which is the international conference that devoted to the discussion of issues affecting any player in the logistics market, warehouse real estate, retail, etc., optimization and cost reduction. Our local partner presented our AER-certified products - RK95, RK25, RS35 and RS51 to attendees on how to choose and use these modern technologies as the automatic identification tools. The next stop will be in St. Petersburg on April 15 and follow by Tashkent city on April 29. Please visit this site for the coming events.

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