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November 2020
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CipherLab Connection | November 2020

CipherLab Connection | November 2020
CipherLab Connection
| November 2020

User Scenario
CipherLab's RK25 Becomes Warehouse Management Streamlining Solution for Chinese Logistics Company
A Chinese based logistics company provides logistics and warehousing services to the automotive company which owns it uses CipherLab RK25 in its warehouse.

CipherLab's RK25, an Android rugged mobile computer, is being used in a logistics warehouse to deal with product receiving and dispatching. Workers scan barcodes of incoming products to register them in the system before receiving indication from its Warehouse Management System (WMS) telling them where to store the products. Also, before these products are shipped out, workers will use the RK25 to scan barcodes on order forms and know where to find the right products to load onto delivery trucks. The RK25 offers reader versatility with a linear imager, 2D imager and a mid-range 2D imager, giving it the ability to read long distance barcodes from over 4 meters away. The agile capturing ability makes the barcode reading process fast and easy. It fulfills the large volume data collection demands in the warehouse. Furthermore, its rugged industrial design provides durability to sustain harsh environments, for example, it will continue to function in the cold environment in Jilin province in the north eastern part of China. In fact, the operating temperature range of the RK25 is from -20°C to 50°C. Besides that, Its compact 292g lightweight curved grip reduces extended usage fatigue while offering workers in the warehouse comfortable one-handed operation.


Aside from those great functions that the RK25 offers, CipherLab also works closely with the logistic company to see if there are any product issues that need to be solved. CipherLab provides fast after-sales service in order to give the company the best user experience possible. The RK25 is now being used in two of its warehouses, in Jilin and Guangdong provinces.


To learn more about the RK25, please visit our website:

The RK25 Boosts Data Capture Ability In A Finished Goods Warehouse With Its Mid-range 2D Imager Reader
Founded in 1851 and headquartered in New York in the United States, this multinational technology company specializing in customized glass, ceramics, and optical physics for industrial and scientific applications, has 

its aims at mobile consumer electronics, display, automotive, optical communications, and life sciences. The diverse workforce of this company is made up of more than fifty-two thousand employees across more than 30 countries, with 150 locations globally including manufacturing facilities and R&D facilities.


The company has its finished goods warehousing system connected with a back-end SAP-EWM, an integrated software platform which controls warehouse operations to keep up with changing demand and managing inventory in the warehouse. Because of the large quantities of finished products being stored in the warehouses, warehouse management and inventory checking are, therefore, the most essential part of the supply chain. CipherLab is pleased to be chosen from a pool of many other mobile computer manufacturers to support this company with our RK25 rugged mobile computers in its finished goods warehouses at four factories located in Langfang, Hefei, Wuhan, and Guangzhou in China. With the ability to read codes from various distances using its mid-range 2D imager, the RK25 mobile computer is used to capture barcode data on packages when goods are being stored, returned, or exchanged.


CipherLab’s RK25 mobile computer comes with 2 physical keypad designs for users to choose from. The physical buttons allow users to feel and press the buttons easily for faster data entry with higher accuracy, even during non-visual data entry applications. It fulfills the most diverse user behaviors in any environment with big volume data collection demands. Its compact 292 g (10.3 oz), curved grip design reduces extended usage fatigue while delivering comfortable one-hand operation. Moreover, the RK25 has high-performance UHF RFID capability, an excellent high-speed reading rate of more than 700 tags per second with a reading range of over 8 meters, to increase productivity and efficiency in inventory management in a cost-effective way.

CipherLab's RK25 Featuring a Pistol Grip Delivers an Excellent Performance in Warehouse Management in Food Production Industry
Found in 1976, the company is a well-known for the creation of a French food brand that initiated prepackaged sandwiches in France. It is also the leader of the sandwich market that makes sandwiches, salads, burgers, and

desserts. For almost 40 years, the company has put all its know-how in the creation of new products to reinvent the lunch break to include more gourmet style foods. The head office is spread over 2 French cities: Guingamp and Rennes, and there are 4 factories which produce sandwiches and salads and other snack foods in Guingamp, Leon, Chalon-sur- Saône, and Arras.


The company had been using the old ERP systems to manage their warehouses for years, and finally decided to change to the Dynamics 365 system together with the opportunity to replace their out-dated Windows device, the MC9090, in favor of newer Android devices. In addition, due to the size and weight of the MC9090, users complained that the devices were cumbersome and too heavy to carry around all day. The IT department stated that the device management tool was not user-friendly and took too much time to deploy all devices. Knowing the issues the company encountered, the IT manager began looking for a versatile Android device to help their warehouse workers with the daily work. Thankfully, our local SI partner recommended a perfect solution, CipeherLab's RK25, bundled with a pistol grip to improve users work efficiency and at same time offering a useful tool for IT personnel to manage devices easily.


CipherLab’s RK25 with its mid-range 2D imager has been chosen after field testing due to its high performance in data capturing which allows operators long distance barcode reading capabilities from over 4 meters. With its outstanding performance in barcode scanning, drop resistance and reliability, the RK25 additionally improved worker efficiency through its user-friendly designs and the lightweight design. Weighing only 292g, it's easy to carry around all day. Moreover, CipherLab’s WMDS (Wireless Mobile Deployment System) allows IT personnel to optimize the process of multiple device deployment tasks and makes the deployment of devices speedier and more efficient.


The implementation of 100 units of the RK25 mid-range 2D imager with pistol grip has resulted in an outstanding performance in a wide array of tasks, such as receiving, picking, pallet identifying, and reception. The company plans to deploy an extra 50 RK25 units to another of its sites and will adopt CipherLab's RK95 to its cold storage warehouse for low temperature applications.

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