CipherLab Connection | June 2020


CipherLab Connection | June 2020
CipherLab Connection
| June 2020

User Scenario
CipherLab 1504P Fulfils Variety of Scanning in Logistics and Retail Applications
Today, the company represents the number one Italian retailer in household items sales, with a constantly growing turnover. The headquarters is located in Viale Monterosa in Arcore, where 

more than 170 people work in the company's various offices. The company measures itself daily in different markets, leading not only with its shops, but also with its other sub-brands. With more than 230 stores active throughout Italy, the company is now a recognized and growing brand that for over 20 years has been developing in the market with quality products at the best prices.

At first, the company purchased CipherLab’s handheld scanner in order to accurately scan the barcodes on return goods in the logistics environment. After receiving lots of positive feedback, the 1504P handheld scanner was quickly selected when a new request came out for a checkout counter application. The CipherLab 1504P with 2D imager is an economical solution to read 1D/2D barcodes on any goods. Because of the adoption of white illumination and an aiming aid, the 1504P is also able to read various kinds of barcodes of high density, and the ones shown on mobile phones for membership or promotional coupons. It also presents a very efficient scanning performance when reading color barcodes on product items.

The implementation of CipherLab's 1504P has resulted in a total of 450 pcs deployed in the field, which enables return goods handling in the logistics environment and staff at the checkout counters to work more productively and more accurately. In addition, CipherLab's 9700 series has also been successfully deployed to its warehouse for inventory management and order picking applications.

Product Update
Upgrade Your RK25 from Android 7 to Android 9
The RK25 is now available on Android 9. An Enterprise can select whether their RK25 runs on Android 7 or Android 9 based on their needs, and it's equally comforting knowing that the RK25 built on Android 7 is technically upgradeable to 

Android 9. The upgradability extends the life cycle of devices which leads to a better return of investment. It only requires a few steps, and Android 9 is in your hands. To proceed to the OS upgrade, please have all the required drivers installed on your PC (Windows 10) first, then connect the RK25 to the PC using a micro USB cable. With just a few clicks, and simply following the on-screen instructions, the OS image upgrade will be completed easily in less than 15 minutes. Finally, reboot your RK25 and you can enjoy all the benefits and features of Android 9.

Please contact a CipherLab sales representative for more information about getting a package and an activation key for the OS image upgrade.

RK25 4-Slot Battery Charger is Now Joining the Accessory Family
The RK25 4-slot battery charger, designed to charge up to 4 batteries concurrently, is now ready for order. This charger keeps spare batteries stand by to power up depleted units when they are needed. With unfailing supplies of 4000mAh hot-swappable batteries, the RK25 

mobile computer helps you maximize productivity through long shifts.

For more information about CipherLab's RK25, please visit here and contact our CipherLab sales representatives.

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